Navigating the World of Hot Water Systems for Homeowners

Navigating the World of Hot Water Systems for Homeowners

Commercial and residential property owners recognize the importance of having reliable hot water systems. Choosing one is easy when you have critical information about the existing options. Understanding the best systems involves considering the experience of the organization. While households change, the right decision concerning the hot water system will ensure its capability fits the changing household.

One of the most popular hot water systems in Australia is Rheem Hot Water Systems, which comes in various models and capabilities. Rheem has been providing hot water systems since 1939. It has many years of experience with an extensive network of professional service agents across Australia.

Since its inception, Rheem has garnered a reputation for high-quality hot water systems. Thus, generations of Australian families have relied on the company for various hot water systems. Rheem continues to dominate the country, focusing on intelligent and sustainable products. Furthermore, the company is associated with efficient designs and long-lasting materials, so they don’t need frequent repair. Rheem’s extensive network of service agents currently means expert advice is readily available.

In this article, we will learn how hot water systems work, and why Rheem could be your best partner in warming up your household.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water Systems

For all homeowners, knowing how electric hot water systems work is an advantage – you will be able to select the best system that is most appropriate for your household needs. Let’s look at those points below.

How They Work

Many households already have hot water systems that heat water through a boiler or a tank. The instant electric hot water system differs from the storage system as there is no need for a tank. Instead, the water passes through a heated copper pipe with an electric element that is immediately heated and released onto pipes and faucets.

Most are already familiar with hot water systems that use tanks, so are there any advantages to choosing or switching to an electric one?

Advantages of Electric Hot Water Systems

  • Electric hot water systems are efficient when compared to gas water heaters. Electricity converts to heat with 100% efficiency, limiting heat loss.
  • The upfront installation cost of electric water heaters is small. Thus, electric water heaters are an inexpensive solution to hot water compared to gas water heaters.
  • Electric water heaters require less maintenance when compared to gas water heaters, as no moving parts are prone to breaking down.
  • Electric water heaters are readily available in all situations, unlike gas water heaters that might be restricted to areas with natural gas.
  • While electric water heaters may have a few safety concerns, they are much safer than gas water heaters as they do not run the risk of explosions.

 Disadvantages of Electric Hot Water Systems

  • Electric hot water systems have a longer recovery and relatively slow heating times. Thus, you may end up waiting twice as long when using this water heater compared to gas water heater systems.
  • Electric hot water systems become non-operational during power outages.
  • Electric hot water systems have high operating costs as a result of the high price of the fuel source.

Why Choose Rheem

Rheem Water Systems

Rheem has many years of experience dealing with various hot water heaters. This puts the company in a good position to provide its customers with a wide range of high-value options. The company has different efficient models of hot water systems so customers can select the most suitable systems for their homes.

Furthermore, Rheem offers plenty of solutions for hot water systems. Their extensive range includes solar, gas, and electric solutions. One of their most popular products is the electric hot water system which can be instant or stored. The storage electric hot water systems connect the tank to your household’s electricity supply. An element made from Incoloy or copper has an inner wire through which an electrical current will pass to create friction generating heat.

The company’s strong brand name ensures customers can purchase safe and reliable products. Plus, if customers experience any complications or problems, they can get immediate help from service agents.

Rheem Electric Hot Water Range

To help you more in deciding which electric hot water range would be the most suitable for your household, below are the available Rheem ranges currently.

Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel

The Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel is an electric hot water system with the following properties:

  • Available in 50L-315L models.
  • Stainless steel cylinder & fittings.
  • It is 42% lighter and supports easy installation and maintenance.
  • Up to 24% better than MEPS4 allows for efficient energy use, saving you money
  • No anode, which leads to low maintenance costs
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • 12-year cylinder warranty

RheemPlus Electric Water Heater

RheemPlus Electric Water Heater

Another water heater that is available is the RheemPlus Electric Water Heater which has:

  • 50ºC pre-tempered model
  • Left-hand connection
  • Available in 125L, 160L, 250L & 315L capacities
  • Adjustable valve to deliver 50ºC at the tap
  • Complies with the tempering requirement of AS/NZS 3500.4
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • 12-year cylinder warranty

Rheem 491/492 Series

Do you have a small-sized household? This Rheem electric water heater series is best fit for small-sized to medium-sized homes, and has the following features:

  • Available in 80L – 400L models.
  • Dual handed fittings.
  • Easy retrofit – identical footprint & plumbing connections to previous series models.
  • Suit lower cost tariffs.
  • The Rheem series is more durable than the domestic grade Class X enamels.
  • Thicker anode (27mm).
  • Twin element models are available, and this supports efficient energy.
  • Manufactured in Australia.
  • 12-year cylinder warranty

Rheem Compacts

Rheem Compacts

If you’re looking for a system for a not-so-spacious spot, Rheem Water Heater Compacts is your best bet. They come with the following properties:

  • Most compact available in the 25L and over-40L capacity ranges
  • Smallest diameter on the market – 385mm (25L) & 400mm (47L)
  • Just 390mm high (25L) & 670mm high (47L)
  • 47L hot water delivery** (191045 model)
  • Recessed plug fittings
  • Dual-handed (47L only) – easier to install
  • 7-year cylinder warranty


Rheem water heaters ensure that their clients understand the different capabilities of the various hot water systems and the implication of choosing the electric category of hot water systems before purchase.

The reason is information about how hot water systems work should not be reserved just for the experts or professionals in the plumbing industry. Homeowners should learn about hot water systems to make informed decisions when intending to buy. Rather, understanding how hot water systems work will help in decision-making in regard to your water heater needs.