Hot Deals on Woolworths You Shouldn’t Miss Out On for This Week

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Have you been looking for opportunities to save a lot of household expenses this year? Well, we got good news for you. Half-price offers are becoming ubiquitous in plenty of Woolworth’s weekly catalogs nowadays, giving you a good reason to drop by your local Woolworths for your next grocery-buying excursion.

We are going to say outright that there are definitely discounted items that are well worth the prices they are being offered for. Assuming you do not have the time to go over the Woolworths catalog yourself, allow us to take you directly to the juiciest deals.

Best Items for Your Daily Needs


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Many noteworthy staple items are on half-price deals. Rice is available for less via SunRice jasmine rice 5kg, which is for sale for only $10. Nothing beats the outstanding fragrance and taste of jasmine rice, so how about cooking a good rice dish for the family? Although plain cooked jasmine rice is good enough as it is, perhaps you can top with some yummy fresh veg curry or make some Thai fried rice?

For coffee lovers, know that the Nescafé Gold Original instant coffee 200g is available for only $9 now. The fact that Nescafé is offering their higher quality coffee for less should prove to be enough for any coffee addict to grab this limited offer. For a more nutritious beverage deal, opt for The Juice Brothers 300ml fruit drinks, available for a whoppingly low price of $1.55. These juice drinks are all-natural and have received a 5-star health rating for a good reason.

There are other not-so-healthy items available with 50% discounts as well like Mrs. Mac’s Microwave Pie, Ho Mai Cocktail Spring Rolls, Mr. Chen’s Pho or Ramen Kit, and Chiko Corn Jacks. But if you want to try them out or want a meal prepared in minutes, then these are definitely good choices for you. For snack lovers, plenty of snacks by Kettle and Thins are also being sold for 40% off.

Soap, Bath, and Laundry Items

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Now might be the best time to stock up on hygiene and sanitation items because a lot of soaps, laundry liquids, and shampoos are also half-off. For one, Fairy Platinum Plus dishwater tablets (45-pack) is currently being sold for only $17.50; a real deal for a topnotch variety of that brand.

Other notable laundry items for sale are Dynamo laundry liquid 1.8-2L and Biozet Attack Plus laundry powder 2kg or 2L liquid listed for $8.75 and $11 respectively. Additionally, John Frieda lets you save up on your hair hygiene while enjoying a first-rate shampoo brand this week because their 250ml shampoo and conditioners are up for grabs for just $9.

Do not Limit Yourself to the Big Discounts Alone

There are, after all, items that are still being offered with notable price cuts attached to them. If you are going healthy, then do not hesitate to select healthier options that are also being offered for less. These deals on healthy items are often worth it simply for their better benefits for your wellness.

Woolworths’s Australian walnuts, for instance, is actually $3 off now. Walnuts are one of the healthiest nuts around, having been proven to help curb diabetes, hypertension, and a good source of omega-3s. Any price decreases in nuts are welcome for anyone meaning to enjoy their numerous health benefits. Even better if you also love their taste.

Lastly, do not forget to check the date of each product. Any deal is never worth it if you just end up throwing away the item before long.

Why These Half-Price Deals are No Surprise

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Woolworths is undoubtedly one of the largest and most well-known supermarket chains in Australia. However, it would simply be futile to ignore the fact that the industry they operate in is steadily becoming more competitive with the passage of time. The entrance of Aldi in the picture boosted all the more by its low-cost offerings, has certainly leveled the playing field for all supermarket chains in Australia.

As recent as 2018, an IBISWorld revealed that Woolworths still had the largest market share in at 37.2% with Coles trailing closely behind at 30.3% (1). Aldi is already the third-largest owner of market shares by then, which only underscores the reports made of its significant growth within five years. The 10% rise in sales that Aldi enjoyed in 2018 and the 24 new stores it opened in that same year are just solid proofs of this (2). Naturally, these figures are only ever bound to shake the whole industry.

Response to Aldi’s growing popularity

Woolworths, though the company may not state it directly, is obviously making these 50% offers a regular sight in their catalogs as a response to Aldi’s. This is very good for Aussie consumers, by the way, because in the end, it ensures that Woolworths and Coles will stay honest with their pricing strategies.

It may not be as favorable for both companies in the long run, though, as continuously cutting prices by as large as half their original price almost always mean consistently low profits (3). Experts even immediately regard these deals as “loss leaders” because they often readily mean losses for the given chain.

However, Woolworths, like Coles, is undoubtedly using the same strategy in the hopes of increasing the volume of shoppers in their stores. And often, those who will not hesitate to buy items that are not discounted are part of the throng, which only translates to profit for them.


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It would not be a surprise if Woolworths weekly half-off deals will continue to show up in their catalogs for a long time because of the facts said above. Should you take advantage of it? Of course! These bargains are bona fide steals that really help you save a lot on daily expenses in the long run. This is also why you have these grocery chain battles to thank for the money-saving opportunities they open up for many Australian consumers.


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