5 Profitable Home Improvement Businesses in the UK – 2024 Review

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Success comes from being able to generate profits in able to sustain a business. However, for many aspiring business owners doubt whether they can start a successful business or not. The good news is there are plenty of lucrative opportunities in the home improvement industry that you will want to consider.

Now is the best time to start a small business in home improvement industry, especially now when people are always looking for ways and tips on how to improve their lovely homes, whether it is for their own comfort or just to add a value for their property.

Here are some of the most profitable home improvement businesses in the United Kingdom.

  1. Hardscaping Business

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According to many studies, more people in the United Kingdom prefer properties with outdoor living spaces. The sudden increase in popularity and demand for an outdoor living areas had a positive effect on many hardscaping-related businesses.

Hardscaping, along with landscaping, is a very crucial part of backyard design. It comprises the “hard” parts of your backyard spaces, which include pavements, patio, and decking. To start this kind of business, you can choose from the different business models like, from selling materials, offering an installation service, or you can provide a maintenance work.

Naturally, it would take you some time in doing some research on trends, what is in style and in demand, along with your preferred target customers to choose the best approach for your business. For instance, with regards to decking businesses, like CompositeWarehouse UK, there are some options that the homeowners can choose from. Do people in your area prefer a cheap kind of wood decking? Or do they want to have an expensive but longer-lasting and lower-maintenance composite decking for their homes?

Regardless of how you want your business to be, you can be sure that homeowners will always need hardscaping services, making it an excellent choice for a home improvement business.

  1. Landscaping Services

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The second half of a backyard design and as crucial as hardscaping, is the landscaping design which also called as “softscaping”.

In landscaping, it includes all the “soft” or “organic” features in your outdoor space, including type of soil to use, trees, flowers, and plants that you want to have in your backyard.  Gardening is the most popular known type of landscaping business.

And also for landscaping, you have a wide variety of business models and styles that you can choose. You can start by selling different kinds of garden plants and beautiful flowers. You can also provide trees and shrubs that are commonly used for gardens. You can offer people a service to maintain their landscape and garden.

Landscape maintenance service can be mowing, weeding, spring mulching, lawn fertilization, leaf removal, pest control, spring cleanup, tree and shrub insect treatments, edging, trimming. aeration and over seeding. If you have a knack for designing unique gardens, you can also open a design consultancy in your area in the United Kingdom.

Depending on the business that you are starting, you often would not need a lot of capital to start a simple landscaping business. Some people even find it as an enjoyable business and also as a hobby, especially those with green thumbs.

  1. Home Repair

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Another profitable business you can start in the UK is opening your own home repair service. You can either start this as an individual or form a team of workers by establishing a small home repair consulting company.. But what makes a home repair business a lucrative one?

Many people in the UK are having a busy life. Like, most of the homeowners will prefer to hire someone to fix an issue in their home instead of dealing it with them themselves. Add to the fact that not all people have their own tools nor the experience to conduct house repairs. But as someone with a considerable knowledge in construction such as carpentry and electrical and the skills to use the needed tools, it will be a rewarding job.

For home repairs service, you can start by accepting simple job orders, such as redecorating the walls, fixing windows and doors, plumbing, carpentry, simple electrical problems and other minor repairs. But if you have in-depth knowledge of technical fields, you can opt for electrical works, masonry, and other complicated tasks.

  1. Space Conversion

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Many homeowners, especially in the UK, want to maximize their living spaces as much as they can possibly do. This opens up the opportunity for construction businesses for space conversions, such as turning garages, attics, house extensions, terraces, and cellars into entertainment and living areas.

What makes this type of business a profitable one? Many home improvement experts agree that having a space conversion is one of the best projects that homeowners may do to add value to their homes. In the UK, space conversion can add around 20% to a home’s property value.

As lucrative and high-demand as it can be, space conversion may require some in-depth knowledge, experience, creativity, architectural thinking and skills in construction designs. In any case, it is a very promising business that offers an excellent amount of profit.

  1. Security Systems and Emergency Preparedness

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Creating a safer environment at home is probably the number one priority of all homeowners. And because of this, any business that is related to improving, maintaining, and installing security and safety measures will always have high demand, especially in the United Kingdom.

For this type of home improvement business, you can start by having simple tasks such as offering to build locks, security windows and doors, fencing and other safety measures. You can also provide and install CCTVs cameras in different areas of the house, put some alarms, and also some detectors.

If you have the proper credentials, you can also offer an inspection service to make sure they are functional and updated. It may not be the best business for all, but it can be a lucrative one for the right business owner.