6 Tips For Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company in 2024

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Cleaning the office and any other business or living space is a big chore that needs to be done thoroughly and conscientiously. If you’re one of those owners or directors who have included hygienic maintenance in the regular responsibilities of their employees, you have probably realized by now that it often works quite poorly. The reason is that they’re certainly dissatisfied with your decision to allocate this task to them although it isn’t in their job description.  In such cases, they do it only because they have to, which further implies bad results.

Why not let them focus on their priority commitments and start thinking about hiring a commercial cleaning company? We know you will love this solution for several reasons. First of all, a poorly hygienic office can endanger the health of those who work there. Then, we’re sure that you don’t want to hold meetings with clients in dusty, filthy conference rooms. Third –  you don’t want to cause dissatisfaction in your employee circle due to those additional burdensome obligations that aren’t even listed in the contract they signed.

A commercial company that provides this type of service should meet certain conditions that’ll qualify it for the hiring process. Just try to look at it in a similar way as when you hire workers for you – you need to observe some aspects to make sure that the agency suits your needs. If you aren’t sure what you need to consider, keep reading the lines below.

  1. Define your needs

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Depending on the size of your office space, cleaning needs may change with each passing day. In order to start looking for adequate providers of these services, you must first think about what exactly you need from them.

Consider whether you want daily or weekly maintenance of the space, as well as whether only the basic services provided by the company will be enough for you or you would need some additional ones. You also may not plan to hire a maintenance service for the entire workspace, but only for some parts, so think about that, as well. Ask yourself all these questions in order to determine clearly what you want and to spare yourself some valuable time that you can use for talking to the candidates.

  1. Seek recommendations

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The best way to get the right company is through referrals. Of course, before contacting acquaintances, friends, or associates, you can look for options on the Internet. You can surely find reviews based on which you can gain insight into previous user experiences. Pay attention to whether they’re highly rated – these hardly ever fail people’s trust.

However, a much more reliable option is word of mouth. If you’ve ever worked in companies that have hired cleaning agencies before or who currently have some associates who use those services, ask them for a recommendation. When you get some handy info from those you trust, the chances are much higher that the result will be satisfactory.

  1. Make sure the company is licensed and that they have insurance

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To ensure the reliability of the agency you’re hiring, you should demand to see certain documents that will guarantee you quality and trustworthy cooperation in some way. All commercial cleaning companies should have a license that authorizes them to offer their services. Remember to verify this document first – and all the rest afterwards, if there are any other papers.

Also, use the first meeting to ask them if they have liability insurance. This is a very significant point without which you shouldn’t think about renting any services. The job of hygienic maintenance is sensitive and it often happens that something breaks, gets damaged, or, in an even worse case, gets stolen. In the case of such a situation, the agency needs to have protection in the form of insurance that will provide compensation for the damage. Otherwise, the responsibility is on you only.

  1. Verify company details

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Before you decide which company you’ll sign a contract, you need to determine some more details. First, ask them to tell you something about their previous engagements. What kind of spaces do they have experience with? Is there something they don’t want to accept to do? Is there anything that might be difficult or challenging for them?

After that, talk money to them. Check how much they charge for their services so you can compare them with their competitors. Then, if the price seems okay to you, try to agree on what the payment dynamics would be. In the end, it’s up to you to decide if it’s something you can afford or you need a cheaper option.

  1. Find out about the employees the company will send you

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The information you’ll receive about the employees who will be hired to maintain your offices can be very handy. And because of that, just don’t skip this step. They’ll most likely come out of your working hours and that’s why they have to be trusted people. No one wants to realize later that something was stolen or that you were deceived.

Representatives of the company you plan to hire must know their employees and their past well. At washmeclean.com, it’s emphasized how important it is to check the criminal history and all other backgrounds behind the workers. Only in this way can the agency be sure that the person they’re sending won’t cause problems and reassure you as well.

On the other hand, those agencies whose workers had training at the beginning of their contract will have an advantage over those whose workforce is inexperienced and unprepared.

  1. Consider local companies

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We believe that local companies should be your priority, if possible. Hiring locals has certain advantages that’ll facilitate potential future cooperation. By this, we mean that the main office should be located in a place where you are.

There are several reasons why you should consider this advice. This greatly influences collaboration and makes the workers available whenever you need them. When urgent cleaning is needed due to a meeting or a special event, it wouldn’t hurt to have them immediately available. Personal communication is always much better than electronic communication so you can meet with the agency manager whenever you have a question or any dilemmas.