8 Budgeting Tips for Hiring a Band for Your Wedding

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A wedding is one of those days in life when we want everything to be magical and perfect. Of course, in order to succeed in this intention, it is necessary to start planning on time. Recently, the trend has been to hire wedding organizers who do most of the work, thus relieving the newlyweds of many obligations. In addition to choosing a wedding dress and suit, wedding hairstyle and make-up, venue, menu, decoration, and many other things, one of the most important things is definitely the music, because musicians are responsible for a good atmosphere. No matter how simple it may seem, this task is often not at all easy because several factors need to be taken into account – whether the band is available that day, whether the repertoire of songs is exactly what you are looking for, as well as whether the price is acceptable. In the following text, read several budgeting tips.

Choose the type of music

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The first step without which the search for a wedding band will not make sense is about choosing the type of music. Although in essence, the bands adapt to the requirements of those who hire them, think about the type of music you want for this important day and make the final selection based on it. If you have chosen a certain genre (rock, jazz, pop, etc.), let that be your guide in choosing.

How many members does the band have?

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The number of members is important because it often affects the price of the engagement, which is logical – the more musicians – the higher the price. However, the number of musicians is also related to the number of planned guests – the bigger the celebration, the number of musicians should be greater not only to make it look effective but also to ensure that the sound quality is just as it should be. Of course, there is no formula that will determine how many musicians are needed for a certain number of guests, but if you are in a dilemma, stick to the rule – it is better to have an experienced and coordinated duo or trio than a six-member band from the neighborhood that has five rehearsals and one gig a year.

Internet search

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Use the benefits of this search engine and find what suits you. In this case, special attention should be paid to their YouTube recordings, as well as to the comments of other couples for whom they played at the wedding, in order to be sure of their quality. Also pay attention to how the band members behave: are they happy and playing, do they have good communication with the audience, are they excellent animators who will get the guests on their feet… Keep in mind that musicians have a big part in any celebrations.

A band from another city?

If you have the opportunity, choose a band from your immediate surroundings in order to avoid additional costs such as band transportation, and in some cases accommodation.

Agree on the price in advance

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Then when you think you’ve found the right band, arrange a meeting and if you have the opportunity to hear them live, be sure to do it. Do not be ashamed to ask for the price, because in this way you will avoid unpleasant situations that may await you otherwise. All in all, don’t go beyond your means, but then again don’t agree to a compromise that will ruin the atmosphere at the wedding.

Avoid managers

Avoid contact with any manager, they are there to attract clients, and they get a good percentage for everyone they find. Most often, their contact can be found on the websites. It is better to be well informed before any call, find out more about the contractors, contact them, and ask for a discount because you are not going through the manager.

Music for your taste

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Some bands accept to play songs from your list, but many don’t. If you want them to better understand your musical taste (and you will definitely keep in mind the musical taste of your guests), make a list of artists or musical genres that you like, but be sure to also make an equally detailed list of artists and genres that you don’t like. With such guidelines, the musicians, thanks to their experience, will meet your expectations 99% of the time when it comes to the repertoire, so you and your guests will be satisfied. However, in this case, expect that the price may be a little higher, but not necessarily. In any case, ask, it doesn’t cost you anything. MoodMusic is definitely something you are going to need, a live swing band that will make all guests to get up on the floor showing their best moves.

A DJ instead of a band?

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This is definitely a more favorable option when it comes to finances, and it does not have to affect the quality. DJs are an increasingly popular music program at weddings, and not without reason! They are more affordable than bands, you don’t have to worry about whether they will “know how to sing” and most importantly – they are completely adaptable to your wishes. You can even create the entire playlist and know what will be played every minute.

Final thoughts

There can be no doubt that music is the most important part of any wedding celebration: playful and cheerful family members and friends are the scenes that everyone imagines at their wedding. Keep in mind that the most important thing for a wedding band is that it has a wide repertoire, in order to meet all the musical tastes of your guests, and that it is experienced enough to know how to create a good atmosphere. Modern equipment, sound system and instruments are another, very important, requirement that the orchestra needs to fulfill in order for everything to go smoothly. When choosing music for your wedding, you should make sure that you choose music that suits your taste, but also that it matches the taste of guests of different generations, which means that you should find music with as wide a repertoire as possible. If you have chosen a band that you haven’t heard live, watch their video to see if they can create the kind of atmosphere you want.