Heathers The Musical: Film adaptation announced

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Heathers The Musical is a classic that has long been a smash-hit on stage. Thanks to this popularity, it’s now being filmed and is heading from the stage to the big screen for the second time, after the incredible success of the 1989 movie that starred Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. Here, we take a look at what you can expect from the film adaptation of this super popular on-stage production and encourage you to book your tickets for the West End show while it’s still running.

A smash-hit show and movie

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Heathers The Musical is based on the book of the same name by Laurence O’Keefe and Kevin Murphy. The show has excelled in the UK and US, with sold-out performances in Los Angeles and Broadway to complement its West End popularity. Although the show is a dark comedy, it deals with lots of intense themes, including bullying, sexual assault, and school violence. The excellent production of the show allows us to explore these serious themes while interlacing them with comedy and lightheartedness.

The story plays out at Westerberg High School, where Veronica Sawyer is a nobody until she joins the Heathers, the most powerful clique in school. But the introduction of JD flips Veronica’s world upside down and leads her on a tantalising journey of discovery. Of course, the newly announced film adaptation won’t be the first time that Heathers appears on the big screen. The 1989 film starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater has cult-like status in the US, so we’re eagerly anticipating the release of the new film.

How has the show been received on Broadway and the West End?

When The Heathers first appeared on Broadway, it was well received by critics and audiences alike. One thing that pleased viewers was that it stayed true to the original storyline and represented the characters in the much-loved movie well. Still, the stage production received praise for providing its own take on the original cast. Much has also been written about the serious themes portrayed within the show, as homosexuality, bulimia, and suicide are all explored in a light-hearted way. Some people appreciate the producers’ efforts, while others think certain themes could have been explored in a slightly different way.

Has the show received any awards?

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The West End production of The Heathers has received several awards. For instance, in 2019, it won the WhatsOnStage Awards for the Best New Musical. What’s more, Carrie Hope Fletcher won the award for Best Actress in a Musical in the same year. Its run in the West End has been enjoyed by audiences for years, but it’s not exclusively a West End show, as we explore below.

What other productions of The Heathers are there?

In addition to enjoying incredible popularity in the UK and US, The Heathers has featured in front of audiences in different parts of the world. For instance, the Australian production premiered at the Hayes Theatre in Sydney and starred Jaz Flowers as Veronica. It was well received in the opening weeks and subsequently played in Brisbane and Melbourne to sold-out crowds.

The musical has also enjoyed success in South America, with the Brazilian adaptation proving particularly popular. It played at the Viradalata Theatre in Sao Paolo and played in Portuguese. It was well received during its initial run in 2019, and it was booked for a return in May 2020 before being cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

What can we expect from the new movie?

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Between 3-19 May, the show paused performances in order to film a full-length version of the stage show, which will be broadcast on the big screen. Casting has not yet been confirmed externally, but excitement levels are building among long-time fans of The Heathers. Two live performances were scheduled, and the audience was appointed by balloted tickets.

Andy Fickman, director of the show, said that Heathers had captured the imagination of fans for the best part of thirty years, and this new release is super exciting for the immediate future of the show. David Gilbery – CEO of BK Studios – regarded the filming of Heathers as a brilliant opportunity to increase the audience base of The Heathers. Steam is responsible for producing the film. You’re likely to be aware of the company’s work, as they have produced a huge number of trailers that are popular in the West End.

Given that so many of us can resonate with many of the themes within the story, we simply cannot wait to see how the latest film adaptation turns out.

Why should you see The Heathers movie?

The second movie will provide fans of The Heathers with an all-new adaptation to enjoy. The live performances will be available on the big screen and bring together the best of the original movie and the on-stage adaptation. It also makes the musical more accessible to audiences who might not have the chance to see The Heathers live. After all, we can’t all make it to London’s West End to watch the show live, so this movie adaptation will provide fans all around the world with a new show to enjoy.

Reserve your tickets for The Heathers today

If you haven’t seen The Heathers on stage, you’re missing out on a classic! The good news is that the show is still running in the West End until September, so there’s still time to book your tickets. Book online to reserve your seats for The Heathers at The Other Place today. Click here to find out more and to reserve your tickets for your chosen performance. Even though we’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of The Heathers movie, the original stage show still provides a laugh a minute.

The stage show is produced by Paul Taylor-Mills and Bill Kenwright and is electrifying and pulsating throughout. The choreography by Gary Lloyd contributes to a wonderfully vibrant show, and The Heathers is one class production that you simply cannot afford to skip this year if you’re in London.