What Are The Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee According To Science – 2024 Tips

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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages today. In America alone, over 54 percent of its total population consumes three cups of this drink per day on an average note. In other countries, higher percentages are even deemed to drink caffeinated drinks regularly.

By and large, coffee is known for its energy-boosting properties. This is why many people typically start their day with caffeine. But, aside from making you alert and awake throughout the day, science reveals that drinking coffee regularly offers a lot of health benefits. And boosting your energy is just one of them.

Drink Good Quality of Coffee

While coffee can provide great benefits to your health and wellness, it is worth noting that not all types and kinds can offer these things. To set the scope and limitation of the studies made about this beverage, these benefits can only be experienced when you drink the good kind of coffee.

In short, those caffeinated beverages that are filled and packed with sugar are not included here. This only focuses on freshly made cups that is not mixed with any additives like milk and sugar.

You can only reap the benefits if you focus on this type. So, if you are interested, and you want to make your own cup at home, here is a collection of espresso machines that you may want to check.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee, Based on Science

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Here are the top seven benefits that you can obtain from drinking coffee every day:

  1. Lowers Rates of Depression

In a study conducted by Navarro and Martínez-González, it has been found that people who drink four or more cups of coffee per day have much lower risks of depression. The comparison was reportedly made between individuals who drink more cups than those who have one or none at all.

While the study remains to be inconclusive, thus, it needs further research, the relationship between drinking coffee and risks of depression is already established in the thesis. In the end, though, actual consumers attest that they feel much lighter and happier when they consume this drink.

  1. Great Source of Antioxidants

Aside from its addicting taste and flavor, coffee is also well-known for its antioxidants. As per claims made by Healthline, a good cup of this drink is packed with several powerful antioxidants. These include polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acids, which are essential in fighting free radicals that are always apparent in your overall system.

It is worth remembering that free radicals cause damages in your proteins and DNA. This is also one of the contributing factors to developing cancer. This is why the antioxidants present in a cup of caffeinated drink are concluded to be great protectors of your important molecules, which eventually prevents various types of diseases like cancer and heart diseases.

  1. Protects Against Heart Disease

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As per Time magazine, research conducted at the University of Colorado Medical School shows that consuming caffeine drinks regularly decreases the risks of developing heart diseases. While antioxidants are deemed to be the main reason behind its ability to protect people against cardiovascular issues, it was said that the studies need further assessments as to why drinking this kind of beverage shows that it can protect and improve heart health.

Based on the data, it shows that people who drink 8 ounces of caffeinated beverages per day reduce the risks by 5 to 7 percent, in comparison to those who do not consume any coffee

  1. Improve Energy Levels & Make You Smarter

As per the general conclusions from various studies that are focused on the benefits of coffee, caffeine is a psychoactive substance that is taken by almost everyone in the world today. And as a psychoactive substance, caffeine is noted to block Adenosine in the brain, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter.

According to coffee-brewing-methods.com, this is why when you drink coffee, you experience a boost in your energy, especially in the morning. But, aside from the increased energy levels, this process also reportedly improves one’s mood, and other brain functions, which affects the overall level of your brain’s capability.

  1. Fight Depression and Make You Happier

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In a study led by the Harvard School of Public Health, it was concluded that drinking coffee every day can help fight depression effectively. Although the said study largely focused on women with ages 50 and above, the results of data showed significant figures. And based on the results, those who drank four or more cups per day had a 20 percent lower risk of experiencing depression.

Alongside this, a similar study was also conducted with 208,424 participants. And out of the total population, about 53 percent are said to less likely to commit suicide.

  1. Lowers Risk of Parkinson’s disease

Next to Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease is the most common neurodegenerative condition that most adults develop as they age. It is worth noting that, in these two forms of dementia, the correlating factors that have been deemed to be contributors are the beta-amyloid and tau.

As per Krembil Brain Institute, a recent study under their department found that the caffeine contents may not be the one causing the “protective effects” against these forms of dementia.

But, it has been found that the compound, phenylindanes, which emerges from the process of roasting beans, inhibits the formation of the two protein fragments, beta-amyloid and tau. Accordingly, this goes to show that drinking coffee, especially brewed that is freshly roasted, can prevent adults from the risk of developing either Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Diseases, or even both.

  1. Can Aid Weight Loss

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Caffeine is one of the most common contents found in every fat-burning supplement available today. As it happens, research and study show that caffeine has properties that can aid weight-loss.

Aside from helping people in losing weight, it is also discovered that caffeine has the ability to improve the metabolic rate by up to 11 percent.

Final Thoughts

Drinking caffeinated drinks are quite addicting. But, aside from helping you to stay awake and alert throughout the day, science tells us that this drink has a lot more to offer. And these seven benefits are only some of the great advantages of drinking this beverage. So, if you are wondering what good you can get out of it, here are the points that you may want to look at today!