HCG Drops – Opinion of Experts

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The trendy diet regimen is spreading like a wildfire which includes the famous diet norms like The HCG, gluten-free, veganism, vegetarianism and the list goes on and on.

One of the most debatable and talk about diets is the HCG diet, which is not only profound in both meanings and conceptions.

HCG is one of the most restricted diet patterns in the world it has a very tight dietary schedule which does not allow the dietist much to enjoy.

Food Allow Under HCG Dietary Plan

The HCG dietary plan allows extra lean beef, scallops, lobsters, white fish, shrimps, albumin (The white of an egg) and buffalo. Under the HCG diet program, you are allowed to consume 3.5 ounces of fat-free protein which is another crucifix restriction for the dieters.

There are fattier choices which are completely off-limit including the tasty sea cuisines like tuna, herring, salmon and the pickled fish. Another restriction that all the HCG dieters face is that they have to remove the visible fats from the protein sources especially before grilling and boiling them.

Manifest Effects of the HCG Diet

  1. Weight Loss

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Under the HCG plan, the dieter loses his weight because of the immensely restricted followed dietary routine. It is a very low-calorie diet in which you likely lose weight and more importantly it will lower your metabolism as well which will throw off your listening skill which is very helpful in gaining weight.

  1. Significant Health Issues

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The most virulent criticism on the HCG DIET IS that it cuts down the calories very quickly. So it is very difficult for the doctors to suggest a fittingly apropos dieting plan under this program. People of different age, sex, height and weight have different effects on their health following the Pure HCG abstinence.

According to the previous records many people who were following this routine rigorously were passed out due to the lack of calories because relying on the mitigated 500 to 800 calories a day could be drastically dangerous for your health. The restricted HCG dietary plan could easily cause the dire formation of the gallstone which will resultantly cause the parts of the body to function improperly.

  1. Oral Drops, Pellets and Sprays

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HCG is a diet pattern which very crucifix to understand not only because it has a very strict dietary program to follow but, it also has perplexing effects on the health of pregnant women.

Daily headaches, depression drops is a hormone found in the urine of the pregnant woman according to D.R DAVID FRIEDMAN this hormone nourishes cells formed in the placenta which nourishes the egg after it’s been fertilized.

  1. Peculiar Diseases

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As HCG forces a dieter to intake the most minimal amount of calories, therefore, it causes different types of reactions and side effects. Many dire diseases are caused by the strict routine of the HCG. These diseases are irregular heartbeats, headaches, depression, swelling in the feet and breast development in men.

Bottom Line

HCG is a unique dietary program which has sundry benefits like fitness and smartness but on the other hand, it has some dangerous effects on health as well as the risk of irregular heartbeat and depression that can seriously disturb your daily life. Lastly, it can be said that we should precisely follow the recommendation of well-reputed dietitians and nutritionists before following any dietary program.

Pure HCG drops are treated as ‘pharmaceutical grade HCG drops’. These drops are also named as medical grade HCG. These HCG drops are in their purest form, which means they do not have any kind of impurity. Pure HCG drops are free from any kind of chemicals that are present in other HCG drops. Finding HCG drops in pure form is tough enough. You may regard it as a great deal, in this era.

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As stated earlier, finding out the HCG in pure form is not easy enough. The reason behind the no- availability of these Pure HCG drops is the FDA itself. The FDA banned companies to sell HCG drops in pure form. However, you may find out these Real HCG drops as well, via an e-commerce store. These Pure HCG drops are expensive as well. Possibly, you will have to pay 300$ rather than 69$ for usual HCG drops. So, it costs high remarkably.

There are two clear reasons against the high cost of check out Genuine HCG drops. The first reason is that these HCG drops cannot be purchased without a medical statement of the patent. If any e-commerce store offers you to deliver the HCG drops without a medical report, then they are claiming false. They will never send you HCG in pure form. They will send you the usual HCG products. So, here is an advice for you to never buy from such a store anytime. If you do purchase, you will surely waste your money. The second reason is related to the fact that these HCG drops are medically graded.

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NuImage Medical is the only e-commerce store that provides you with the HCG drops. So, wandering here and there in search of HCG drops is just no more than a time-wasting activity. To get these HCG drops, you may visit their official website. You will have to go through the form fill up process. Before this, you will have to select one program over the two available choices. One course is composed of 26 days plan and the other one is of 46 days. After selecting the course as per your choice, you will have further options related to the availability of HCG drops, Pellets, and injection. You are looking for HCG drops, so you will select the HCG drops for you.

Before concluding, for your ease, I’m including about the price range as well. For 26 days program, you will have to pay 297$. While for 46 days program, you will have to pay 397$. The weight loss estimation is up to 15 LBS for 26 days and more than 15 LBS for 46 days program. NuImage Medical brand also provides you with the Physician Tele-consultation along with unlimited access to medical staff via phone, email and live chat. Moreover, you will get HCG guidelines and recipes along with tips for your health and losing weight without affecting the body’s power. If you find out any other brand than this, that does provide Pure HCG, then let us know.