Harvey Weinstein Net Worth 2024

Image source: wweek.com

Harvey Weinstein (67), a disgraced Holywood mogul and a convicted sex offender, was born in Queens, NY to Jewish parents. He has a brother, Robert Weinstein, with whom he co-found film studio Miramax. From 2005 to 2017 two brothers were co-owners of an entertainment company “The Weinstein Company”.

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At the peak of his career, Weinstein’s net worth was around $300 million. In October 2017, as if he predicted his downfall, he started selling his real estate properties from which he profited $28 million. A year later he sold a commercial building for an additional $5 million in profits.

In 2017, amid the sex scandal, his wife Georgina Chapman filed for divorce and got $20 million as part of the settlement. Harvey Weinstein is also required to pay $5 million/year for child support to his first wife, to which a judge issued a temporary halt after he claimed that he is plagued with legal fees and too broke to make a payment at that time.

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Today, his fortune is estimated at around $25 million and declining.

In December 2019, Weinstein reached a settlement agreement with his victims to whom he was ordered to pay $25 million. Eighteen victims would get $6.5 million combined and split in a way that no individual would get more than $500,000. The remainder of $18.5 million would be set aside for future victims since the investigation is ongoing. The payment will be made by an insurance company.