What Are Harley Davidson Screens Made Of?

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Only a few things can be compared to that special feeling of being on the open road, with the wind in your hair, and driving through so many amazing places. Of course, in order to get to this point, having a bike is a must, as it is the ultimate way to get this kind of experience.

Yes, most people are fond of cars, but there is something about motorcycles that cause that special thrill and chills. Now, there are many brands, and even though each one is unique and has that special vibe, Harley Davidson is probably the most recognizable and popular worldwide. Understandably, it’s not like just anyone can ride a Harley, as some experience and a step-by-step guide is a must.

Besides that, the safety aspect is also something you shouldn’t overlook, and screens have a huge role in all that, which is also something not that many people know enough about, so let’s focus more on Harley Davidson screens and what they are made of.

The importance of windshields

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When we look around, it is not difficult to notice that not all bikes have a windshield, and we need to mention that it is not required by law, but it has a lot of benefits. For starters, the thing about bikes is minimalism, and just the sole fact something exists means there are some important reasons why that’s the case.

Since it is placed in front of us, it can protect us from many things, such as wind or bugs, that can reduce visibility and make diving much more difficult. Yes, bikes provide that special feeling while on the open road, but you should never forget about the safety while on the road.

On the other hand, many people often don’t wear protective gear, mainly motorcycle helmets which isn’t just against the law as it can also make the whole ride much more difficult. Namely, bugs and the wind can seriously worsen your sight this way, especially during high speeds, which is why wearing helmets and even glasses are of vast importance.

Of course, the Harley Davidson type of bike is something special, which also means that it has a special protective gear designed precisely for this type of motorcycle, but even not having one is no excuse for not wearing any helmet at all.

Besides all these things, they provide protection from cold and kicked-up debris that can be very dangerous and cause serious accidents that can endanger your life and the lives of other people on the road.

Since it is much easier to drive because they block the gusts of wind, you will feel less tired at the end of the ride and able to go on much longer trips. The great thing is that they are very simple to install, so there is no need to get one if your bike does not already have it, as it won’t be necessary to contact a professional to install it.

Removable vs. Permanent

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Installing a windshield on the bike is probably the best decision someone can make, but many people are still not sure about it. Luckily, there are two types of them, permanent and removable, so the removable one can be the best solution for them as they can put it on and remove it as many times as they want.

Of course, both have their benefits and flaws, but it is impossible to make a bad choice here regardless of which way or option we decide to go with as what’s important is the safety aspect, and both options grant high safety. Permanent ones are for people who know what they want, love long rides, do not want to remove them, and are more fond of the traditional looks of the bike.

On the other hand, removable ones offer us more options as we can put them on and remove them whenever we need or want, and we can buy a few different ones and swap them regarding the ride we want to go on or remove for short distances. In the end, you should go with whichever solution works best for you and suits your driving purposes the most, as the important thing is to have a windshield.

Materials used for windshields

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When we see the screen on the bike, most of us are convinced it is made of glass, which looks pretty unsafe, so many avoid installing them, which is probably the worst thing one can do. The role of screens is to keep us safe, and because of that, no matter that it seems like the material used for them is glass, it is not.

Instead of that, they can be made of two materials that are transparent, just like glass but much more impact resistant. These two materials are lexan (polycarbonate) and plexiglass (acrylic glass), and although similar at first glance, they differ a lot.

Plexiglass is one of the best choices for removable screens because it is much cheaper, so we can buy a few of them and change them occasionally. Its flaws are that it is less impact-resistant and prone to scratches, which means it can last less. The good thing is that it does not change color due to weather conditions and sun exposure. On the other side, plexiglass is much more impact resistant and is one of the safest materials, which is why it is used even for the helmet visor or windows on racing cars.

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Which option is better?

Well, this is also something that entirely depends on every person, what they seek and want. Namely, both have certain benefits and disadvantages, and while acrylic ones come in a variety of colors, they also get damaged much easier, as mentioned above.

The looks aren’t everything, but if durability is what you seek, then acrylic screens are a better solution as even though it gets damaged more easily, repairing scratches is also much easier, and on the plus side, they do not turn yellow over time and is resistant to UV rays. On the other hand, lexan ones can withstand much more heat without deforming.

As you can see, it’s pretty difficult to pick one as the ultimate choice, which is why it’s always best to consult the experts in this field before making any decision. They have vast experience and can provide the best advice on which type works best for you and your driving preferences, and you can find all about that at MotorcycleScreens.