Hands-On Guide: Preparing for Microsoft 98-364 Certification Test with Exam Dumps

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Earning the MTA certification is a monumental step towards the right direction in terms of career growth in the IT industry. Microsoft Technology Associate verified different concepts, including technical and fundamental knowledge.Thus, to obtain this Microsoft certificate, you need to successfully pass the 98-364 exam.

Visit Exam Labs Website online and see that this application of database technology knowledge has always had and will continue to have a huge impact on the world of IT. The MTA certification will give you the opportunity to start a career in database technologies. The big question is how to be sure that you will clear the Microsoft 98-364 exam at your first attempt to get this entry-level credential? Let’s dive into the details of this test so that you know what to expect.

Microsoft 98-364 Exam: Prerequisites

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The Microsoft 98-364 dumps exam is targeted mainly at those individuals who are considering building a career in the Microsoft SQL Server domain. There are no formal requirements for this test.But it will be easier for you to pass it by having hands-on experience with the required technologies and knowing and understanding the main concepts of the exam objectives.

You can get this knowledge by taking training courses, learning the topics of the exam, taking mock tests, and exploring the study guides. You can find all the required materials on the official Microsoft website, the MSDN platform, and the Microsoft Visual Studio. There is also the opportunity to join an active community of users with whom you can freely interact and ask any questions you want.

You can also visit Exam-Labs to buy a premium file with 140 Questions and Answers, download braindumps for free, practice your knowledge by taking a practice test in the exam tutorial section, and get a simulator to open VCE files. Practice tests can help you identify the level of difficulty and types of questions. It will also make you familiar with both the format and the typical environment of the real exam.

Microsoft 98-364 Exam: Overview

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Microsoft 98-364 is a very powerful certification exam to add to your resume. And the only way to make it possible is to take and pass this test. Thus, you need to know the structure of the exam to be prepared for the questions you must answer. Due to the policy of Microsoft, the exact number of questions for each test are not highlighted. Be ready for approximately 40-60 questions of different formats and types that you can check in the FAQ section on the Microsoft website.

As you can schedule your certification exam with different platforms, the time allocated for the test can vary. Thus, using Certiport, you will be given 45 minutes for the online version and 50 minutes for the offline one. If you choose Pearson VUE, you should expect 45 and 80 minutes, respectively. To pass Microsoft 98-364, you need to acquire a minimum of 700 points.The exam is available in different languages, including English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian. You need to pay $127 for this test. Please note that the exam fee may vary due to your country.

Microsoft 98-364 Exam: Topics

When studying for an important certification exam such as Microsoft 98-364, you should practice and use as many study materials as you can (but you must find reliable platforms that provide only valid and up-to-date prep resources). But reliable websites and good tools are useless if you don’t know what you need to learn. That is why let’s know the knowledge and skills that you need to master in order to complete the Microsoft 98-364 test with high results.

The 98-364 exam is basically divided into five broad objectives. They are as follows:

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  1. Understand core database concepts – 20-25%

In this part of the exam, you need to understand DML, DDL, relational database concepts, and the way to store data in tables. You should know a thing or two about tables, fields/columns, records/rows, RDBMS, and usage of T-SQL.

  1. Administer a database – 10-15%

You need to understand database backups, restore, and security concepts to master this topic area. Learn about various backup types, restoration of the database, security features and peculiarities.

  1. Manipulate data – 25-30%

In this topic, you have to know all the ways of using data. Selecting, inserting, updating, and deleting data are the main subtopics of this part of the Microsoft 98-364 test.

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  1. Create database objects – 20-25%

Here you need to have knowledge of choosing data types, creating views, tables, stored procedures, and functions. You need to understand the importance of data types, purpose of tables, and know when to use views.

  1. Understand data storage – 15-20%

This exam objective verifies your understanding of primary, foreign, and composite keys; indexes; normalization.

It is worth noting that each topic area has some specific weight attached to it. It is usually demonstrated by how many questions you are likely to find in the actual exam. So, when preparing for the test, it will make a lot of sense to focus more on the objectives that carry more weight.

Microsoft 98-364 Exam: Benefits

Bear in mind that the IT world is very ready not only to embrace but also to reward you with additional knowledge, skills, and qualification.Here are some of the benefits you will gain after obtaining the MTA credential that should motivate you to clear the Microsoft 98-364 exam.

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  • It shows your achievement. With this certificate comes the Microsoft Certified Badge, which showcases your achievement. Based on statistics, the IT professionals with the badge usually get active job postings that are relevant to their skills and certification attained.
  • It increases your earning potential. With additional skills comes a potential increase in salary. The employers across the globe are ready to reward the employees who invest in their career and acquire additional skills with hefty salaries.
  • It lays the foundation to pursue higher certifications. By passing the Microsoft 98-364 exam and obtaining your MTA, you are building the foundation in which you can later pursue higher credentials in the database learning and certification paths.


Earning the MTA credential is not as difficult as you may think. All that is required of you to stay on the right path to success in the Microsoft 98-364 certification exam is to follow the practice process as well as the preparation described above.