7 Tips For Using a GTO Poker Strategy in 2024

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Are you a fan of poker? Do you love to play games in general, and this is your most-common go-to? Well, how about some GTO poker? The entire point of this is to aim to avoid any exploitation that is most likely to happen if you play games frequently and in the same pattern.

If you are a rookie, you are more than likely to make crucial and critical mistakes since you are just getting to understand the pattern, and you will also appreciate this article. Keep on reading and figure out all there is to know.

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  1. What methods to use?

You can choose two approach options when playing GTO poker, and those are exploitative, or GTO.

Exploitative is a method where you play to maximize your value through every situation. You will look into their weaker tendencies, and you will look for a pattern that will have them lose. This way, you are focusing on the other person the most.

GTO is a game-theory optimal strategy where you play at a higher standard on your own and are trying to protect yourself, meaning that you’re letting the opponent make a mistake. There are usually different bluffing theories included in this system, which we will talk about later down below.

  1. So, what is the point of GTO?

Professional players have evolved and have perfected their skills to perfection. In this game, it is no longer about your cards or the cards that you’ve been given. Nowadays, you have to think about each hand of the opposite player and his or her hands. This way of playing will lead to perfection, as well as to better understanding and reading of all the other players.

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  1. What are hand ranges?

This means that you are trying to logically approach the situation by looking at your cards. Evaluate your play, but also evaluate the play of other players, as well as their pattern. This is especially easy if you’re playing against someone who always uses the same strategy and the same approach.

Although there is no limit and it can take you as much or as little time as possible to observe and understand their play, observing will get easier as you play more and more rounds.

  1. What is a balanced range?

This is easier to show through an example. For instance, if you are someone who always bets your pairs and checks all other hands, you are quite easy to understand and read by your opponent.

Try to balance the range of hands you bet in every situation, doesn’t matter if it is your best or worst hand thus far. A balanced range and as little emotion as possible is the way to go.

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  1. What is GTO Poker and mixed strategy?

A mixed strategy is an optimal strategy that allows you to play different poker games and with the right approach. It is essential at preventing any opponent from reading your cards, and it will give you the best results in the end. How is this done and achieved?

Well, for instance, if you are facing an open raise to your right and you have a good hand, try to switch your betting options so that you confuse the other players. They will never know what to expect from you when it comes to betting, calling, and folding.

  1. Where to play GTO poker?

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What are the pros when it comes to GTO?

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  • No more circular thinking

You will become better with each game and you will understand the basic levels. What do you have, and what does your opponent have? This approach will help you win big with some of the best professional players + you will feel a lot more encouraged when it comes to your new experience.

  • No more assumptions

You might lose due to your poor lack of judgment, which is why you shouldn’t make assumptions about any player, and there will be a lot less confusion in the long-term and end-goal play.

  • Good and detailed analysis

Many players can make a poor judgment with each new hand. However, you will pay close attention to details and you will embrace proper and thorough analysis. Critical thinking and observation in general will do you more good than harm, which applies to your professional, personal, as well as gaming life!

  • A lot easier to adjust

Last, but not least, you can adjust your tactic as you’re about to play your first hand ever. How? You can go for either the small exploit (call down a bit lighter when someone bets and barrels, but do not go way too low). Or try to do the big exploit (make an attack on the back range–which is apparently very weak). Practice makes everything perfect, which you will see for yourself as time goes on.

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Ready to play poker with a totally new approach?

What do you think about this tactic? Have you ever heard of GTO before? GTO poker can be your new go-to way of having fun, just understand these rules and follow our recommended tips and tricks when it comes to your new gaming style.

Men and women will love this approach, especially if you are tired of playing this game like an open book. Improve your tactics, have fun, and also win big by embracing and understanding these top 7 rules!