Green Kratom – Types, Benefits, and Side Effects 2024

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Kratom is a plant originating from Southeast Asia which occupies the attention of many and is becoming increasingly popular. Leaves or powder are the forms in which it can be found and it belongs to the coffee family.  Due to its popularity, it’s gaining worldwide, green kratom online shopping is slowly but surely becoming more available through platforms like

For centuries, the people of Asia have used this plant for therapeutic purposes and used all its benefits and positive effects that it causes, and Thailand is still happy to maintain the tradition of the consumption. Depending on the color of the veins on the leaves, there is green, white, yellow, and red kratom. Each of them contains a different concentration of alkaloids and, depending on that, has a different effect on the human body. Green kratom contains a large number of alkaloids, which is why it has a relaxing and stimulating effect and is considered to be one of the best and most commonly used types.

Despite being considered a drug, this plant hasn’t been officially declared an illegal substance. However, people should pay attention to and buy products from proven manufacturers. Only in this way, users will be sure that they haven’t received a product of poor quality and that they are buying from those for whom wellness comes first.


Read below all about the types, benefits, and negative effects of this plant.

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Types and benefits

Green Bali

The Bali type comes from Indonesia and is available in both green and red color. It’s considered one of the most popular strains. People with experience recommend this strain to beginners who would like to try something from the ‘green offer’ and then the optimal recommended dose is 1 gram. It would be best to drink this amount in the morning so that you can see how the body reacts to it during the rest of the day. If you notice a positive reaction, the dose can be gradually increased to 3 grams.

Benefits: The benefits of green Bali are reflected in its ability to relieve the daily stress that each of us faces. In addition to relieving the symptoms of it and gradually relaxing the body, you will also get a little more energy so that you can perform your daily activities, both private and business, more productively. In some cases, it can help relieve chronic pain and depression.

Green Cambodia

Cambodia, like many other strains, is named after the place where it originates. It’s intended for various users, especially those with a lack of concentration, bad mood, and those who struggle with stressful situations daily. To get used to it gradually and as correctly as possible, a dose of 2 grams is usually suggested at the beginning, which will provide additional energy or 3 grams that will be enough for relaxation.

Benefits: It could be said that in this case, we have a whole package of benefits in one strain that, reacting together, provides the well-being that users need. You will feel how your strength has returned and how much more endurable you are very quickly. The mood will be at an even higher level, which will give you a better feeling and rejuvenate you.

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Green Maeng Da

Maeng Da can be characterized as one of the most powerful and strongest strains among all the strains available. This power is enabled by its high content of alkaloids in dark green veins, which, thanks to their high concentration, provide a high level of energy. This effect lasts all day and provides a good feeling. The recommended dose of this strain is two grams a day and they are quite sufficient for long-term action.

Benefits: Constant feeling of good mood, the above-mentioned high level of energy, and mental clarity which is really important to people who have a problem with anxiety. Maeng Da can be useful in relieving pain, but not as much as other strains.

Green Borneo

Borneo is one of the most famous types of kratom, and it is especially loved by those who use kratom actively. In comparison with other strains, its sedative effect stands out and it’s much stronger than in some other types. Green Borneo should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach. As in most cases, here you start with two to three grams and follow the feeling throughout the day in case you would like to increase it.

Benefits: Relieves joint and muscle pain, reduces stress, anxiety, and makes it easier to cope with difficult social situations.

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Green Malay

As can be deduced from the name, the country of origin is Malaysia. Malaysian strains are known to represent the perfect balance between sedative and stimulant effects. It also belongs to the more powerful types because it brings more energy and it is very long-lasting. In this case, 1 gram of powder would be enough to start.

Benefits: Malaysian kratom is a real discovery for those who work on mentally demanding jobs because it regenerates and opens up mental abilities. Also, in addition to excess energy, it will alleviate pain and gradually enhance the mood.

Side effects

Although we had the opportunity to see all the good sides of this plant, which is used in Asian countries for medicinal purposes, many negative sides cause bad effects. Some of the most common problems that can occur in those who are intolerant to consuming kratom are nausea followed by vomiting, dehydration, digestive problems, thyroid dysfunction, aggressive behavior, and hallucinations. In extreme cases, when excessive amounts are consumed, brain swelling, respiratory problems, or death are highly probable to occur. For this reason, each person should follow the recommended doses.

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Negative effects can also occur when people suddenly stop taking it, which leads to stomach problems, muscle cramps, sleep problems, and anxiety. So if you want to quit, do it gradually. On the other hand, with regular consumption, addiction is a quite possible scenario.

Situations in which consumption is by no means recommended in pregnancy. It’s also desirable to avoid it during breastfeeding, so as not to endanger the child’s health. Alcohol addicts can put their lives in danger if they combine this substance with alcohol, and people who have mental disorders can worsen their condition.

Green kratom can really be a cure in certain situations, and if you want to help yourself get out of a difficult situation or get rid of the pain or stress that you constantly feel – great! Just take some time and get well informed about everything. If you learn how to utilize it properly and avoid the side effects and take advantage of all the benefits, the use should be completely safe and stress-free.