Great Websites to Learn the Arabic Language Online

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Did you know that online education began in 1960 at the University of Illinois when students were able to access class information through linked computer terminals – nine years before the creation of the internet?  Today, however there are literally thousands of online language learning websites, and if you’re thinking about learning Arabic, then read on as, the premier online Arabic language learning website, presents some other great websites for learning Arabic online.


Kaleela is a website offering articles on Arabic language and Arab culture. Here you can learn about the vocabulary you need to go to a restaurant, for example, and the next day read an article about the different types of cuisine you can try throughout the Middle East. One of the great things about is that it’s a supplemental sister site of the soon to be launched kaleela Arabic language learning app which teaches you everything from the Arabic alphabet to the different dialects found throughout the Arabic speaking world.

Learn Arabic

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This website begins with the traditional introduction to Arabic, the Arabic alphabet, Arabic writing, and Arabic grammar and is divided into three basic levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Each progressive lesson uses both written lesson plans and videos that inspire oral comprehension and teach Arabic grammar and vocabulary. As sentences become more difficult to listen to and emulate, the website incorporates themed lessons to make practicing phonetics and pronunciation easier.


Al-dirassa is This is an Egyptian-based learning center that presents a website with a user-friendly interface featuring interactive classes that teach classical Arabic (fusHa) – the Arabic language of the Quran. Learning materials are free to download online and classes are taught by genuine native-speaking professors from Cairo and take place over Skype through a premium (paid) package with three types of classes to choose from: free Arabic language classes, premium Arabic language classes, and tajweed, classes that teach the proper way to recite the Quran. All classes consist of 13 different levels that range from beginner to highly advanced.


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Loecsen (available in both French and English) is a website offering free online language classes in various foreign languages including Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi, Croatian, Serbian, Albanese, Breton, Bulgarian, and Catalan, and of course, Arabic. However, the Arabic offered on this site is taught is darija, the dialect of Moroccan Arabic speakers. So, if you plan on visiting Morocco (or any other country in the Maghreb region), then this website is perfect for you because it teaches beginner through advanced learners how to pronounce vocabulary everyday phrases in Moroccan Arabic in a very quick and efficient way.


Goethe? Wasn’t he German? Yes, he was, but the Goethe-Verlag website offers classes on a variety of languages besides German, one of which is Arabic. This website offers 30 free lessons for beginners (plus 70 more premium classes for intermediate to advanced learners) and features phrases and conversations recorded by native Arabic speakers. The best thing about this website? You don’t need any previous experience in Arabic to start. With over 100 conversations divided into themes, this website starts you with the Arabic alphabet and lets you progress at your own pace until you can speak Arabic like a native.

Of course, these are only some of the many Arabic language websites available online, and you can search for others that are more comfortable for you, your learning style and that fit into the personal goals and reasons for wanting to learn Arabic.

One more option for learning the Arabic language is by attending the online classes that Language Trainers provide. When you are looking for a service where you can learn a new language, it is necessary to ensure they have a good reputation and credibility. Luckily, experts on this online platform have a lot of experience working with clients and helping them to improve their knowledge with educational and entertaining content. They are very collaborative, so you will make the agreement about the class schedule, common goals, and whether you want to learn in a group or you are choosing the one-to-one method.