Great Ways to Earn Money While Traveling Through the Whole World

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How cool would it be if you could easily travel wherever you want and still be able to earn just enough to support your dream of traveling? Needless to say, there are many jobs that offer you just this. Though conventional jobs will carry on for a good part of the future, there are new kinds of jobs that do not hold you back at a single place. Travel writing service providers, for example, is one gig that is being discussed here. The explanation is coming up later. Making money to support your dream of traveling non-stop is something most people are concerned about, and rightly so. The following is a guide on how you should work on your travel and working scenario.

A Step by Step Initial Guide

1. Do Some Savings!

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If you are starting fresh, then you might require a bit of your initial investment to jump-start you towards your travel goals. This jump-start can come in the form of your Savings that you have gathered while working elsewhere. To be honest, people who love to move or would like to travel often keep money saved to support their needs and travel expenses.

2. Do Your Research on Your Travel Destinations!

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Research is a must for your traveling jobs. Do research about the place you will be visiting. What kind of work do they offer? Do they have online gigs like freelancing? Do you have clients that can allow you to do your job remotely? Or even, do you have a job that can allow you to work remotely?

3. Be Open to All Possibilities!

“Job opportunities can come in all shapes and sizes. It is entirely up to you how you want to work”, says John Wilshire, a travel writer at WritingMetier. What kind of jobs would you accept that best fits your dreams and goals? The third step is to be open about new possibilities. Perhaps you never expected that you were going to get a job on some yacht in the Caribbean, but here you are just because you had the guts to try out something new.

Some Great Travel Job Examples:

English Teaching Classes:

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Teaching English as a foreign language, or TEFL is one most of the most popular jobs in foreign countries. This is especially common in Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. There are industries and schools that require English tutors. MyTEFL is one source you can turn to in order to learn more about this kind of opportunity.

Work on A Cruise Ship:

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Here, high paying customers try to travel slowly and in luxury. A cruise ship is like a floating supermall and what does a supermall require the most? Infinite staff. Working on a cruise ship can take you to places you may have never been, and discussion here is not limited to cities, islands, and countries. There is such a huge variety of jobs on board that almost anyone with a great hospitality attitude can join.

Work Online as a Freelancer

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Not all money-making methods involve physical exertion and office-work. One of the growing and popular methods is online freelancing. There are thousands of online jobs that you can do. In some jobs, you don’t even get to meet your boss, ever! Interviews are done through phone calls or Skype, and work is transferred through emails or intra-company portals.  For a freelancer, what’s best about the job is that you are your own boss. Moreover, if you get better at it, you can demand as much as you want, given that you can back it up with reasoning and your portfolio. Online freelancing can range from travel blogging (or any kind of blogging), content writing, network programming, website developing, or even shifting your current job to a remote job if that is possible. For these kinds of gigs, Upwork and Fiverr are two of the top companies that freelancers go to.

One word of warning though: since all freelance jobs require the internet, it’s common for digital nomad freelancers to connect to public networks. However, criminals around the world have begun setting up fake public wi-fi hotspots that are designed to steal data. If you need to connect to a public network for your work—which you likely will need to—connect to a VPN server. Click here to read more about them. Even if you connect to a fake hotspot, a VPN will ensure your data remains safe.

In conclusion, the main part over here is that job opportunities are plenty out there if you are willing enough. Smart work pays off more than hard work, so it is up to you which job you think will help you reach your travel destination more efficiently. High paying jobs sound nice and all, but are you ready to take on the workload that comes with it? On the contrary, small paying jobs are easy, but are you patient enough to slowly build your resources so that you can travel? It is all up to you!