Great Views from the Comfort of Your Home in Amsterdam

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Don’t you know when you will have a chance to visit the fantastic Amsterdam Dam Square? If you can’t be there physically at the moment, a webcam Amsterdam Dam will create a feeling of presence from the screen of your computer. Dam Square can rightly be called the busiest part of Amsterdam. Believe it, you won’t get bored when watching the live webcam located in this square. There are no times when it is empty as it is one of the most popular places to go. It’s full of foreigners and local citizens. It isn’t surprising. The Dam Square is a historical sight that dates back to the thirteenth century.

What Will You See from the Live Webcam?

The live webcam is located so that one can enjoy wonderful views round-the-clock. Besides the fact that the Square itself is of great interest for the tourists, there are many places to look at there. Just enter the site with the live streaming from the webcam at the Amsterdam Dam Square and imagine how you pass by the long array of various shops, cafes, and restaurants. The camera is installed so that any user can watch what is going on at the Square.

Should you pay to enjoy views from the live cam? It’s completely free. You should have a stable Internet connection and free time to enjoy the views. That’s it. If you watch carefully, you will see the famous Amsterdam Diamond Center. A live video helps to learn about the life in the city and plunge into its cultural peculiarities. It’s a great and useful experience for those who have never been to Amsterdam and know little about life there. Watching the live webcam Amsterdam Dam, you can make an imaginary trip there wherever you feel like strolling the streets of the city. To know more visit

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Enjoy Fascinating Views via the Webcam Online

It isn’t always possible to be at the place where you’d like to be at the moment. Is Amsterdam exactly such a place for you? Then, don’t miss a fascinating opportunity to watch the streaming from the camera that is located at the heart of the capital. Amsterdam has become the destination for hundreds of people from around the world. It is the place that is worth your attention as it has a rich and interesting history and many architectural sights. The modern design also impresses. You may not have enough time and finances to visit your favorite city often.

When you feel like missing Amsterdam, turn on the web camera and enjoy amazing views. You can pause the video and have a closer look at the sights you are interested in most. The cam is very user-friendly. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should have free time to enjoy the views. The only problem with the live cam in Amsterdam is that it is hard to tear yourself away from the screen of the computer.

But, What You Should Know If You Visit Amsterdam One Day

If lack of money and time is the reason why you can’t visit Amsterdam, then we believe the solution above is going to be perfect for you. However, things in our life happen all the time. You may manage to afford visiting this incredible city one day. Because of that, you should know a couple of things before an opportunity like that becomes available to you.

You Can Celebrate King’s Day

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People often do not know what is the best period to visit Amsterdam. Well, we guarantee the city is beautiful 12 months a day, but if you want to experience something special, then you should visit this city during the national holiday.

King’s Day is a national holiday that locals celebrate on April 27. In some rare cases, they celebrate it on April 26, but that only happens when April 27 falls on a Sunday. You can experience some memorable moments on that day. There will be outdoor parties and concerts across the entire Amsterdam. Despite that, you will manage to find out more about the Netherlands culture and tradition.

There is one thing we would like to additionally recommend here. Going by a car on that day is going to be time-consuming. A lot of tourists as well as locals are on the streets on that day. Instead of that, we recommend you go around Amsterdam (or at least one part of it) by a walk.

Bikes Are a Special Vehicle Here

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We will continue in the same manner. It doesn’t matter when exactly you plan to visit the capital of the Netherlands. Locals there simply love riding bikes, and it is the most popular type of transportation vehicle.

The good news is that you won’t have to worry about finding a bike as a tourist because we are sure you are not going to bring the one you ride at home. There are many places where you can simply rent a bike and enjoy the beautiful spots of Amsterdam. Despite that, there are many paths where you can safely ride them which makes things even easier for the tourists.

You Can Come Here for the Sail Amsterdam As Well

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Have you ever heard about Sail Amsterdam? It is an event that is organized only once in five years. The last one occurred in 2015 which means the next one should be in 2024. However, you already know what happened during the previous year, so you will probably have the chance to enjoy this event before 2025.

Anyway, what exactly happens during the event? Everything is related to boats! Believe it or not, 6 years ago, there were more than 8000 ships on Amsterdam’s harbor. This tradition started in 1975, and there is a big chance the tradition will continue in the future as well. The entire event lasts for 7 days, so you will have enough time to experience everything that Sail Amsterdam offers. For instance, you can see some old ships that date back to the 19th century. There are also replicas of some ships that people were using in the 16th century. Doesn’t this seem amazing?