Gordon Ramsay Moans About Self-Isolation In His $5M Beach House

Image source: thenetline.com

Gordon Ramsay (53), stressed lockdown with his five children was something out of his worst nightmares. Gordon and his wife Tana have been holed up by the sea as the UK remains in coronavirus crisis mode. Ramsay moaned living at his lavish $5 million beach house was a “living nightmare” where he has been spending all day in the kitchen cooking.

Image source: prima.com

“As soon as I get up in the morning, I’m off down to the local butchers to buy some meat for their dinner. When I get home, I make breakfast straight away”, Gordon said.

Image source: hellomagazine.com

“After that, I’m back over the stove cooking lunch. After they have gobbled up their grub, I try to escape for a quick run every day just to get away, and after that, I’m back in the kitchen making bloody dinner again. I swear that I have blisters on my bloody hands from cooking so much”.