The Best Time to Go from Singapore to Penang is By Bus


Penang may be visited all year round; the monsoon season lasts from June to September and is generally not too severe. On Penang Island, the sun shines for the majority of the day before giving way to the occasional shower of rain in the evening. Even though it occasionally rains for longer periods of time, this is typical given Malaysia’s tropical environment.

In general, Penang has constant hot and humid weather, with an average annual temperature of 28 degrees. This is to be expected given the locale. However, February and the first few weeks of March are when things really heat up. However, this month is typically graced with clear skies and presents excellent opportunities for photography. Additionally, there hasn’t been much rain lately, which may tip the scales in your favour. So, book your bus tickets online at and go from Singapore to Penang during the suggested time and enjoy the best of the place.

Best time to visit Penang

Mid-November to Mid-February is the ideal time to visit Penang. Like the majority of Malaysia, Penang experiences a tropical environment all year round. This indicates that the weather is generally consistent throughout the year—warm and muggy. Penang’s highest recorded temperature is 32 degrees Celsius, with an average temperature of roughly 28 degrees Celsius. Clear skies and a moderately chilly temperature make for ideal conditions for outdoor leisure. Penang’s low season is influenced by April, May, September, October, and the first half of November because these months see a lot of rain. Around March, both the temperature and humidity soar. However, it continues to draw travellers who wish to see the city at their own leisure and away from the crowds. Rainfall from June to August is average, not oppressive enough to interfere with your everyday routines.

Climate in Penang


Penang’s season of summer

Penang has an increase in temperature beginning towards the end of February. The hottest month of the year, March has high temperatures. The highest average temperature here is 32 degrees, which is recorded for March. March days are still very hot, but evenings are noticeably cooler. In January and February, the average temperature is 31 degrees Celsius. In Penang, during the month of February, take a sunny vacation.

Penang’s monsoon season

The wettest months in Penang are September and October. During these months, monsoon season is in full swing. The city experiences around 23 days of rain on average. Rainfall varies in intensity from medium to heavy and lasts for at least two days. Remember to carry your umbrella and raincoat if you’re going on vacation during this period so you can keep dry.

Season of Winter in Penang

One of the nicest seasons of the year to visit Penang is during the winter. Generally speaking, the wintertime temperature is around 27 degrees. The sun is still shining, and there is a gentle wind sweeping through the city. Additionally, it is when most people travel. The extremely well-known Penang Bridge International Marathon is an annual event in the middle of November. Without a doubt, now is the ideal moment to travel to Penang.

Currency Exchange


The Malaysian Ringgit serves as the local currency in Penang (RM).

In Penang, authorised money changers are the finest places to convert currencies. You can exchange a little sum of money at the airport if you’re flying in to get to George Town. The departure terminal has a currency exchange counter on the second floor. After 9 PM, when we came, it was still open.

When you arrive in town, you can exchange more money at one of the exchange bureaus located near the Komtar mall and bus terminal. There is a handful more to be found on Chulia, Pitt, and Beach Streets. Unfortunately, Bank and hotel rates are often not as good.

How long should I spend in Penang?

Three days is the perfect length of time to see all the top attractions in Penang, get a sense of the island, and avoid feeling rushed. You may spend one day exploring all the sights in George Town Penang, another exploring other regions of the island, and the final day taking in any remaining sights or going back to your favourite locations.

Places to visit in Penang

Visit Hin Bus Depot, Sunday Market


Do not miss the Sunday Market at Hin Bus Depot if your trip to Penang falls on a weekend (hint: it should). Hipsters will love this place because it has an art gallery, an artisan coffee store, and unique street art outside.

A funky crafts market that sells jewellery, souvenirs, clothing, and food opens up on Sundays. Do not eat before you arrive because the prices are low. There is typically music playing, and occasionally there are speeches or plays. For a fantastic atmosphere, get a coffee and relax on the lawn.

Eat at Hawker Market

Eating local cuisine is one of the nicest things to do in Penang, but you have to do it at one of the renowned hawker markets, where you can see a variety of cultures, customs, and food. Similar to food courts, hawker markets are stocked with street food, vendors, and shared tables.

The following are some of the top hawker markets in Penang:

  • The largest hawker market, CF Food Court, was once visited by the late Anthony Bourdain.
  • The street is closed off at night for the arrival of the food trucks at the outdoor hawker centre known as New Lane Hawker Center.
  • For local cuisine, try Sri Weld Food Court and Cecil Street Food Court, some of which make a claim to be the best in town.

Penang Butterfly Park

Entopia Penang Butterfly Park need to be on your list of things to visit in Penang if you haven’t had an opportunity to reconnect with nature in a while. More than 4,000 butterflies of roughly 150 varieties are kept on this farm; each is more euphoric than the others and seems to be floating in a realm of fairytales.

At Natureland, you may observe many butterflies flying around freely or go inside the cocoon to see where the butterflies’ young develop.