Top Gifts to Give Your Groomsmen in 2024

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Well, a wedding day is a moment that all the couples in the world remember forever. It is a moment when you have to change your life completely. From this moment, everything you are doing, you are not doing it alone anymore. For instance, if you plan to travel over the summer, then you have to talk with your partner. Despite that, you can’t spend your money or organize your day without consulting with your spouse.

We completely understand that most of the people are under pressure a couple of days before the wedding day. This is a normal emotion and it should not bother you at all. Still, there are many things that you both need to worry about from purchasing a wedding dress to a wedding ring. Besides that, it is extremely important to invite all the guests in the right way and the right time.

Logically, the bride and groom are the most important persons of this day. Still, “the second most important” individuals here are godfathers and groomsmen. They both deserve to get some sort of gift because they are also involved in the organization of this event. In this article, we will talk about the top gifts to give to your groomsmen.

Before we start, we want to say a couple of things. We all have different tastes, don’t we? That’s why it might be a bit difficult to surprise him and make him happy. We will suggest a couple of items that are a mix of traditional and modern items. Still, if you don’t find an inspirational idea, you can visit and see which options you have.

So, let’s start with our list.

Grill Tools with Golf Bag Holder

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Well, this is something you will be able to find online. The combination may sound strange, but it is a perfect choice for every groomsman. There are two things that most of the men love – sports and grill. If you are not sure which tastes your groomsman has, you won’t be able to make the mistake with this gift.

He doesn’t necessarily need to be a golf lover. This bag serves as an improvisation that will keep these tools together.

Bottle of Wine & Bottle of Whiskey

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Well, we can’t guarantee that this type of gift your groomsmen will use for a long time. You probably know that wine and whiskey are two types of drinks that have style. The only difference is how people consume them. You will find a lot of them that mix these two drinks in one night. They primarily start with “smaller” glasses (whiskey) and they end the night with a couple of glasses of wine.

Still, there is one good reason why these two bottles are a great choice. Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, right? These two drinks people usually drink when they have company. However, they do not pick the regular day to open the bottle of wine or whiskey. They mostly do that when there is a good reason to celebrate something. In this way, you are sharing your current happiness with him. More precisely, the gift has a metaphorical meaning.

Whiskey & Wine Glasses

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Well, your groomsmen won’t drink whiskey or wine from the bottle. Because of that, you need to ensure them an attractive whiskey or wine set of glasses. Still, this is a bit of a traditional gift. If you and your groomsmen are more “casual” type of people, then this would be a great choice. Yet, we would want to provide you with an additional option.

Our recommendation is to make the glasses personalized. This means engraving something on the glass that will describe your relationship with each groomsman. For instance, you can engrave the initials of their first and last name. There are also some of the common phrases such as “Best Groomsman Every” or something similar. We believe that personalized gifts will surprise them even more.


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Okay, the watch is also a stylish present, isn’t it? Indeed, this is a traditional gift that people are giving for centuries. However, it is also an item that is always going to be a trendy gift. You can purchase traditional ones if you are more focused on the style. Yet, if you want to be a modern groom, then you have another option.

You can gift them some smartwatches. Yes, we agree that this type of gift is a bit more expensive. Still, you can be sure that your groomsmen are going to wear it for a long time. These watches have many different benefits. For example, your groomsmen will have the chance to make calls, check their social media with it, etc. Of course, this depends on the model that you want to buy. Not all of them come with the same features.

Personalized Lighter

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Do your groomsmen smoke cigarettes? Well, if the answer to this question is “yes”, then a personalized lighter would be a perfect choice. It is one of the items that you can find in the shop that we mentioned in the beginning.

So, how to personalize it?

Well, you can use the same pieces of advice that we gave for whiskey and wine glasses. You do not have to engrave different things for each groomsman. If there is something special for all of you together, then put it on the lighter.

Personalized Keychain

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We believe that the last two gifts are a perfect solution for grooms with a limited budget. However, that doesn’t mean they are less special or interesting. There are several different items that we usually have in our pockets. One of those items is keys.

Well, it is an item that your groomsmen will use every single day. Each time they need to lock or unlock the door, the keys will remind them of you. Because of that, make it more personalized with some interesting quotes, pictures, etc.

Personalized Beer Glass

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We will have to get back to the glasses. However, this time we would want to take about beer glasses. We are sure that you and your groomsmen watch many footballs or NBA matches together. Well, we also assume that you were not drinking juice. Because of that, a personalized beer glass will mean a lot to them. It will remind them of the moments when you were all still young and single.

So, tell us, which of these gifts seem like the best choice?