12 Unique Father Day Gift Ideas for First-Time Dads – 2024 Tips

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Father’s day is an important day for every father in this world. But, first-time dads are especially excited about this day, because they can’t get enough of this special new role they have. Even if they say you don’t need to buy them a gift, they will greatly appreciate it, knowing how important they are for their family.

Some of the ideas you will find in this article are great if you have a tight budget because we all know that having a baby can cost a lot. Our children are always our priority, but we shouldn’t forget about the parents, giving them the appreciation they deserve every day, not only for Father’s or Mother’s day.

Father’s day is on June 21, and you have enough time to decide what to buy for your husband and your child’s father. He will probably try to assure you that there is no need for a special gift, but he will never forget his first father’s day, so the first gift they receive for that is something they will remember forever, because of the emotional value.

If you still don’t know what to give him as a gift for this particular day, here are some exceptional ideas for you:

1. Personalized creative wall frames

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Get creative and let your imagination do the rest. You can create some custom pictures of your family, followed by some inspirational quotes. Many people love these framed pieces of art, because they may not have some artistic value, but sure they are personal and sentimental, especially when they are made for the new father.

2. Custom made wall clock

Wall clocks are a significant part of the home decor process. But, in this case, you may want to skip the ordinary choices and look for better options. Many design studios can make a custom wall clock using symbols, messages, and photos that are meaningful for you and your family.

3. “Best dad ever” T-shirt

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This is a pretty obvious choice, but most of the fathers love it. Every dad is the best dad for their children, and no one should forget that. So, if you like it, buy it. You can even invest in matching T-shirts for the father and the baby. It will look charming on your new Instagram post.

4. Wine and chocolate

This is an obvious choice for every occasion, including this beautiful day for the fathers. When the baby is finally asleep, you can share the wine and chocolate and have a lovely evening until. You know, someone cries.

5. Framed baby’s handstamps

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Your baby’s handprint is a cute and valuable gift for the father. You only need to be careful to use non-toxic dye that is safe to use to the baby’s skin.

6. Some useful gadget

Dads love different types of gadgets they can use every day. There is no father in this world that doesn’t own some device, like table stand, FriendshipLamps from the site of the same name, that changes colors, portable mocha pot, speakers, clock, or chargeable phone case. It’s always a good idea to choose something useful and technology related to your baby’s dad for Father’s day.

7. Soft and comfortable slippers

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Probably you both work from home, due to the coronavirus crisis that hit the world earlier this year. Having a baby in these hard times can be a big challenge for both the parents. If your husband works from home, you can order super comfy and warm home slippers, so he can feel more comfortable while working. And, the feeling of warmth and softness will remind him of this beautiful day all the time.

8. Personalized mug or glass

Everyone loves unique coffee mugs or beer glasses. Did we say beer? Of course, dads love beer for the weekend. So, why not choose an exceptional and personalized glass for him? If he doesn’t like beer and other alcoholic beverages, he can always use it for a massive glass of lemonade or another refreshing drink. Yes, people love these personalized glasses, and you can print some important message or just a dad appreciation quote.

9. Baby onesie with famous print

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If your husband loves a movie or is passionate about some sports team, he will love to see how the baby is wearing customized ones or baby T-shirts. For example, if he loves Star Wars, you can choose some related design. The same goes for the favorite TV show or sports team, even for the music artists he loves.

10. Some perfume or cologne

You can track down the most anticipated men’s colognes for this season and surprise him with one of those. You need to know well his taste in fragrances so that you can choose the right one. Since the summer is near, try to find some refreshing and not too overpowering cologne.

11. Polaroid camera

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Capture the baby’s sweetest moments with this camera and print the photo immediately. You will always have unique photos with this type of camera, and you can stick them to your fridge, or give the grandparents a special gift without any special occasion.

12. Socks and more socks

No one has enough socks, so they are always a great gift idea. If you want to bring this gift to the next level, you can order unique embroidery socks with his initials. Choose between the so many types of socks you can find on the market and give him a few pairs as a gift. He will be very grateful for that.

These special days are not only for giving and receiving gifts. Father’s day will always remind you how important is his role in your small family. It’s normal to need more time to adapt to the new situation, especially after your first baby came. Don’t you ever forget what brought you to the place you are right now – that was the love between you two, and the promise you gave each other to be here for the rest of your life.

13. Manly Gift Baskets For Him

These manly gift baskets are the best gifts ever. First-time fathers need to feel that they are special. Manly Man has a complete selection of gift baskets for men. These manly gifts set a little bit of each that any father would surely love.