3 Funny Gift Ideas for College Students in 2024

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Different types of gifts are good for different types of people. Yet, matching the item that you want to gift with the style of that person is tough. For instance, if your friend is a music lover, he would truly get surprised by a present associated with music. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should buy everything that you find in the store.

Well, buying a present for a college student is a bit different. Indeed, you can surprise them in different ways. For instance, younger generations always tend to look nice. Because of that, T-shirts, jeans, snickers would be a good present from them. Still, this is some sort of routine. Because of that, you should tend to be a bit more creative. Getting a funny gift would be a much better choice.

Okay, there is one thing that we need to say. The funny gift can serve as an additional surprise. You can purchase things that we mentioned and use funny gifts to boost the value of the gift. They look silly at first glance. However, it is something that you will both remember until the end of life. In other words, this type of gift has sentimental value.

The good thing about this type of gift is that you can be more relaxed when researching. However, there is a wide range of options and people can’t decide on one. Because of that, we would want to provide the best funny gift ideas for college students. We assume that our suggestions will make things easier for you.

Let’s find them out together.

1. Love Dolls

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Someone will say that love dolls are a taboo gift. Okay, you might want to hide this present from the parents of the college student. He probably will feel inappropriate to receive this sort of gift in front of them. However, be sure that he will be happy and laugh hard when you gift him this product.

The present gets value even more if your college friend is single. You will remind him it is the right time to find a girlfriend and improve his love and sex life. Despite that, some college students suffer from a lack of confidence. That can be a tough thing. They can’t find a love partner because of that. Fortunately, love dolls can help with that sort of problem.

As you see, this funny gift is not just funny. It can be practical because of different reasons. The advanced technology ensured that these dolls look and act like the real person. Yet, you need to ensure that you find the high-quality ones. For more love dolls, you can visit SOdolls and ensure that you do not make a mistake.

2. Personalized Single Gifts

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Well, we will continue in the same manner. Some college students truly need to start a love relationship. We do not want to say that lack of confidence is the only problem why this is happening. Sometimes, college students are focused too much on the duties they have at college. Because of a huge number of lessons, they start to become too serious. We do not want to say that young people should not be responsible. Yet, love is something that we all need. Because of that, students that are single for a long time should “wake up”

Another good way to do that is by purchasing personalized single gifts. Well, most of the items can be personalized today. However, we assume that a T-Shirt and coffee mug are the best possible choices. For instance, there are certain phrases that you can print and engrave. Logically, there is the old one that always causes smiles on the faces of single people. We are talking here about the phrase “Forever alone”.

It is truly hard to believe that he will wear the T-Shirt outside of his home. Maybe he can wear it when he goes to sleep. He will realize that going to sleep alone is something he could change. However, a coffee mug with a “forever alone” sign is something he will truly use. When he wakes up, the first thing he would want to is to drink a cup of coffee. Well, that might change his way of thinking. Indeed, college should be one of the priorities. However, love is something we mustn’t forget.

Still, if the college student is not single, then you should personalize gifts differently. For instance, do they like to go to the gym? Then you can print or engrave something associated with that. It is important to know which things your friend likes. That will make the personalizing of the gift easier.

3. Pizza Socks

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It is not a secret that most college students do not know to cook. Because of that, they are more focused on buying and eating fast food. This includes hamburgers, pizzas, etc. Well, if your friend is a big pizza lover, then this would be a great present for him.

Believe it or not, something like this exists. This “pizza” is made of 4 pairs of socks. They are placed in a pizza box and they truly look like the real pizza slices.

Logically, the design of this gift is silly. However, it also sends one small message. Indeed, college students are strong and healthy. However, that doesn’t mean that health is not something they should worry about. On the contrary, if they take care of it now, they won’t have bigger problems later. Food is one of the key factors that influence our health. Because of that, you can remind him in this way it would be good to learn something to cook. Additionally, you can purchase some cookbooks to help him learn that.


As you can see, these three gifts are all funny and they will cause a smile on the face of a student. Yet, the point of these gifts is not only that. They are educational in some strange way. More precisely, they are sending current messages to college students. For instance, love dolls are there to remind him that living without love is not possible.

Anyway, whichever gift you choose, try to make a mix of humor and education. The message that we send through the gift is something that brings value to the current item. This is a piece of advice that you should remember for the future.