A Guide to Getting The Perfect Seats at a Rodeo

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When visiting a rodeo for the first time, many people lack basic information that could make the trip more enjoyable. For instance, they probably don’t know which seats are the best in the arena. They choose tickets based on what they can afford and don’t fully enjoy themselves as a result. The following guide makes it easy for any person to find amazing seats at a rodeo, so they can get the full experience of this amazing event.

Different Perspectives

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Each area of the arena provides a different perspective, so a person should try different areas to see which they prefer. For instance, one person might want to be very close to the action when visiting the Auburn Rodeo (theauburnrodeo.com).

Another person, however, may want to sit high in the bleachers because this allows them to see the bigger picture. They don’t want to miss seeing something happen, which is possible with so many things going on at one time during these events.

By trying different seats at different events, a person can discover which perspective they prefer and choose seats which provide that perspective every time. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to sit somewhere different occasionally, as this ensures the person attending the rodeo never misses out on any fun.

For those who have never been to the rodeo, the first step in choosing seats is to decide where to sit. Consider the following when making this choice.

Rough Stock and Timed Events

The first thing to consider when purchasing tickets is what to see. Rough stock events differ from timed events, and a person might want to see one or the other. What are the differences between the two?

Rough stock events are those which require a rider to remain on an animal as it tries to throw them off. While the riders in rough stock events might be timed, the focus is on staying on the animal or rough stock. Bull riding falls under this category.

In contrast, timed events require the participant to complete a challenge within a certain time. This may be navigating an obstacle course on horseback or wrestling a steer to the ground. The person with the fastest time wins each timed event.

Why is it important to know the difference between the types of events? Timed events are typically held at the southern end of a stadium. Rough stock events are usually found in the northern end. This makes it easier to find seats that will provide the best view of those events a person wants to see. Next, the focus turns to choosing a seat in the selected section.

Front-Row Seats

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Visitors to the rodeo always debate whether the front-row seats are the best seats in the house. People new to the rodeo often feel this will give them the best view of the action. They get an up-close look at what is going on and feel as if they are right there with the rider on the back of the animal. However, disadvantages come with sitting in the front row.

The seats offer a limited view of the entire arena. The visitor only sees what is going on directly in front of them. If there are any obstacles in the visitor’s line of view, such as a sponsor’s flag, they may not get to see anything at all.

Visitors are more at risk of being hurt by a disgruntled animal if they sit in the front row. Furthermore, these seats come at a high ticket price. A person can pay upwards of $100 to sit in one of these seats, particularly in events hosted by organizations such as the Professional Bull Riders.

Seats Behind the Front Row

As a person moves higher up in the stadium seating, they find they gain certain advantages. They have a broader view of the arena and won’t need to move or shift positions to see more of the action.

Fencing and decorative banners become less of a concern the higher up in the stadium a person goes, and the heads of other spectators usually won’t block a person’s view. Furthermore, the cost of a seat decreases as a person moves up in the stadium seating.

However, a person won’t be as close to the action if they move to a seat behind the front row. They won’t get see as many details and won’t be in contact with the riders. Some people find the rodeo less exciting when they sit behind the front row, but other people wouldn’t sit anywhere else.

That’s why is it important to try different seats during those first few visits to the rodeo. Once a person knows about all available options, including seats near the chutes, they can pick which they like most.

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Seats by the Chutes

A person might find they wish to sit near the chutes. This is the small, fenced-in area where the animals are held prior to their events. Here, riders will mount their animals prior to a ride. Bull riding fans prefer to sit here for a variety of reasons.

Visitors like having an up-close view of the animals as they leave the chutes and enter the arena. Other people like to sit here so they can see the riders mount the animals, which can be a challenge by itself.

As people visit the rodeo to see different events, there isn’t a single seat that satisfies every person. Individuals who are visiting a rodeo for the first time should use this guide to get a better understanding of where they might like to sit.

On second and subsequent visits, the individual should try other seats. Once they sit in different sections over multiple trips to the rodeo, it becomes easier to decide where they want to purchase tickets for future events.

Regardless of where a person chooses to sit when they visit the rodeo, however, they know they will have an incredible time. With so much action taking place in one arena, it is hard not to. Every rodeo is unique and having the option of picking a seat based on the events and participants of a particular rodeo ensures the visitor can see exactly what they want to. Purchase tickets today and have a great time.