Who is Georgie Henley? – The Chronicles of Narnia Star

Georgie Henley

She is most known for being an actress from England, the UK, and she has made herself famous in The Chronicles of Narnia, with her character name being Lucy Pevensie. She has been involved in the filming of all sequels that came out of this movie.

Personal life

Georgie Henley was born on the 9th July in 1995. Her mother’s name is Henley and her father’s name is Mike. She was born in Ilkley, which is a very small town located in West Yorkshire. She went to Moorfield School before she decided to transfer to Bradford Grammar School. She was interested in acting and theaters from her earliest ages and she used to be a member of Upstagers, which was a drama group.

Who is Georgie Henley
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It should be also noted that she enrolled at the University of Cambridge and that she did not quit acting there since she is also very active in the plays that are made there, such as The Trojan Woman by Anthony Burgess, Play It Again by Sam Woody, etc.


Her breakthrough happened when she was discovered by Pipa Hall, who is a very famous casting director in the USD, during Pipa’s visit to Ilkey. Pipa liked Georgie Henley from the moment she saw her on the stage. It also needs to be mentioned that casting for the role of Lucy was not easy and that it consisted of 18 different sessions. It also should be mentioned that her parents were in doubt whether they should let their 8-year-old daughter to get involved in such long sessions and in making films. However, Georgie Henley’s sisters, Rachel and Laura, played a crucial role in convincing their parents into letting Georgie to play in a movie and to make ready for it.

The Chronicles of Narnia

She finally acted in the film and she had a stunning performance there. The movie was a worldwide hit and it should be also noted that it cashed in 745 million USD. The film was such a success that there were two more sequels, in 2008 and in 2010, and Georgie was acting in both of them.

Who is Georgie Henley
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The career on the rise

The appearance and her great acting in The Chronicles of Narnia were the recommendations to many producers to contact and hire Georgie. It should be mentioned that she also had roles in Jane Eyre in 2016 and in Perfect Sisters in 2014. In 2015 she decided to try herself as a director and as a writer when she had TIDE, which was her first short film.


It needs to be added that she won The 2008 Nickelodeon UK Kids Choice Awards

Her relationship with Skandar Keynes

There have been a lot of speculations regarding her love life and whether she is dating someone. It should be mentioned that she used to go out with Luke Benward and that she dated Keanu Pires after him, it was in 2019. However, many people believe that she is currently involved with her colleague from the Narnia trilogy – Skandar Keynes.