How Furniture and Home Appliances Rental Services is Emerging as New Trend in India – 2024 Review

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Renting is not an alienated concept among Indians. People have been renting things for decades – the biggest example is renting houses. But with the rise in the student community and start-up culture, furniture and home appliance renting are persisting to be the new trend in the industry. People who have transferable jobs prefer are inclining towards getting their furniture on rent instead of purchasing them.

Why? Because they neither have to pay a hefty amount on purchasing them each time they move or pay any additional charges for carrying everything along. Not just that, the fact that with renting you don’t have to go through the hassle of shifting is a plus! Everyone is scouting for different options just to dodge the relocation troubles and taking furniture or home appliances on rent seems to work wonders, which is surfacing as a new trend across the country.

Furniture on Rent – A Growing Market!

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The stats of renting industry are striving, which tells us that this trend is here to stay. The current market size of furniture & home appliances rentals is estimated to stand at a significant amount of around 1-1.5 billion dollars in India. This will continue to increase as more and more people become aware of this option and choose to rent over purchase bulky furniture because it’s more cost effective and hassle free!

Students or young professionals who have to move to other cities in search of jobs or higher education find shifting very difficult due to their strict budget. Besides that, businessmen who are just starting their business and are trying to settle into their new offices want to showcase their business model, give a good impression to people but do not want to risk much by purchasing really expensive furniture for their office space in case they incur losses. For these people, taking home furniture on rent or decorating office with rentals is much easier and budget friendly. And if they are sharing space or co-renting with anyone else, it becomes even more affordable!

The more people get aware and comfortable with renting, the more the market grows. The market has a potential of crossing $10 billion market mark with influx of close to 2 or 3 lakh new customers every month. With that the demand for the rental products is set to boom in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well. By 2024, the rental market has a potential to reach a $25 billion mark as the population is increasing at a rapid rate in urban cities!

Why Are People Now Opting to Take Furniture on Rent?

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Before, there were some myths about renting furniture or appliances and people use to argue over “higher long-term costs” or “lack of ownership” but these cons have now been addressed and people have realized that there is an upside to all this. The more people are becoming aware of furniture and home appliances rentals, they are preferring it over purchasing each and every product. Here are some of the major reasons why –

  • Quality of Rental Furniture & Home Appliances is Excellent – The furniture offered by Cityfurnish is not old, shabby or cheap. In fact, all the options that are available on the website are directly hand-picked from all the trusted major brands that you’re already aware of. They’re all high-quality brands that you love and want to get the products from. We, the renting companies, have just made it easier for you to get what you want in split costs i.e. affordable monthly installments for as long as you want and then swap or return them later.
  • All the Furniture and Home Appliances Options at One Place – A big part of decorating your place if to find the right brands and products, compare the prices, their features and then get into the details about delivery and maintenance policies. But with renting, you get all the options at one single website. Instead of spending hours going to markets and searching for products, you can easily browse all of them, compare the features at a glance. The best part is that you can mix and match products as per your style and create a unique design for your home.
  • Rental Contracts Can Easily be Extended – The main idea behind taking furniture or home appliances on rent is the flexibility and freedom to choose and change your minds. When you rent your furniture and home appliances from Cityfurnish, you have the freedom to sent your rental term, which you can easily extend afterwards if your requirements change in the due time. Since life is unpredictable and needs can change with time, renting allows you to make flexible decisions without worrying about extra costs.
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  • Rental Services Provide Maintenance and Damage Protection – When people purchase their own furniture, they are responsible for it. Some believe that renting is stressful what if you damage the products by any chance that belongs to someone else? But that is not always the case. Cityfurnish furniture rental services offer a perfect solution and relief to this worry. We offer maintenance and damage protection of the furniture, which means we forgive your clumsy or accidental moments.
  • Relocating to Another Place is Much More Easier – Furniture rental companies help you move your rented furniture to the new place. They help dismantle, pack, ship, and reassemble the rented products at your new place without charging you a heavy extra amount. Relocation becomes much easier when everything is handled by the professionals. You can even swap the furniture or appliances while relocating, get new trendy products to decorate your new place!
  • You Don’t Have to Assemble the Furniture or Appliances Yourself – When you rent the home furnishings, there is no need to assemble everything yourself because the rental companies do the work for you. This means you don’t have to spend days deciphering manuals, getting tired while figuring out what goes where, and how. Not to mention the cleaning you’d have to do after the mess. But with renting, it all comes in the package. Everything is assembled perfectly by the professionals, within a matter of days after you place your order.

Why Take Furniture or Home Appliances on Rent?

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There are a plethora of advantages to renting home appliances or furniture. You want to live a lavish lifestyle with high-quality furniture but do not have the budget for it, renting is always the best option. But here’s a thing – Even though the main factor, which seals the deal, is its cost-effectiveness but there’s so much more to it than saving a couple of bucks. Let’s discuss the main benefits of furniture or home appliances rental –

  1. Freedom to Decorate Your House However You Want – When you’re on a budget, you always have to think about cutting costs or compromising because you cannot afford the furniture your want or cannot decorate your space with the desired furnishings. But with renting, you have all the liberty to select whichever furniture sets you to want. You don’t have to limit yourself. You can easily make a gorgeous selecting and take the furniture on rent at affordable rates!
  2. Don’t Compromise. Get total flexibility – With renting, you have total flexibility to change your house’s look and appearance whenever you feel like. By renting, the massive costs can easily be split into monthly installments which opens all kinds of possibilities. Renting gives you the freedom to choose whatever furniture you want without having to worry about the budget or thinking about compromising your taste and preferences. You can change the décor or they style whenever you want. Flexibility plays an important role when you’re living with a roommate and if you move out, you don’t have to argue over which products are yours.
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  3. Perfect Solution for Temporary Requirements – Taking furniture on rent is a great choice for students, interns, ex-pats, or military families because there are more likely to move. Why? Because the alternative is to buy everything and then having to throw it out, find second-hand buyers or pay for movers and drag everything with you. People nowadays move a lot in search of jobs in the new cities or shift apartments when they lease it up, which shows there is a lot of uncertainty, and investing in furniture or appliances does not seem a good idea. You can easily rent and cancel the subscription when you move out!
  4. Take Furniture on Rent and Get Rid of Them Easily – Knowing how the needs of people change often, renting furniture and home appliances erase the hassles of discarding the furniture or appliances you no longer require. Instead of finding buyers, hosting sales, negotiating with the buyers, or carrying bulky products to your new place – you can rent and return when you don’t require them anymore. This also erases the risk of product damage when you’re moving and eliminates the extra costs of trucks etc.
  5. Renting Furniture is More Eco-Friendly – Tons of furniture is sent to landfills every year because people purchase the furniture and discard them to purchase the new one. This may be because of the taste, style, or trend change but it is bad for the environment. The material fills the soil with harmful chemicals. Not only that, people tend to discard furniture before their intended lifespan which is a colossal waste as well as makes the manufacturers produce more furniture products to supply the demand. This means there’s more raw extraction and factory pollution. Renting allows people to reuse the furniture and there’s less or no effect on the environment.

A Perfect Solution for Renting Furniture & Home Appliances!

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We listed so many benefits of renting furniture and home appliances but let us tell you how can you rent home furniture and appliances seamlessly. Cityfurnish provides you with a wide range of options to choose from and rent from. You can easily visit the website, look through the products, and place your order within minutes, without any hassle.

The documentation, delivery, maintenance, and relocation will all be handled by us and you do not have to go through any trouble. Just let us know your preferred date and timing that you would like your products to be delivered and assembled in your place and we will take care of the rest. Worried about extra charges? Well, don’t be, because there are none. When we say we have got it all covered, we mean it. Try it yourself and we assure you the best rental services and customer experience!