The Top 14 Funniest Moments in UFC History 


When you check out Doc Sports and want to know all about UFC history, you also have to know that there is potential for funny or weird moments in the sport. This list has 10 of the funniest things to happen in the ring. Even though some people got hurt, you can agree that all these moments are hilarious when taken in context.

1. Silva F***’s Chuck

Instead of saying he wanted to fight Chuck when he got in the ring with the legend, he messed up the words and said he wanted to “F*** Chuck”. That is one of the best things to ever happen in the ring because everyone was laughing at that for years.

2. Starnes Runs From Quarry

When Quarry knocked out Starnes in the ring you would think there would be some kind of handshake or hug as Starnes walked off in defeat. Instead, he got up and literally ran away as fast as he could.

3. Nakao Kisses Herring

When Nakao kissed Herring at the pre-fight weigh-in, it was assumed he was doing so to mess with Herring’s head. However, Nakao got knocked out by Herring, and he could not fight because he was flat on his back at the weigh-in.

4. Griffin Runs From Silva

Griffin got knocked down, and the fight was over so fast that Silva was celebrating while Griffin was running away. This is another instance of someone who simply could not wait to get out of the ring before he got hit again.

5. Chael Sonnen’s Mouth

Chael Sonnen is funny all on his own. He has the best personality in the sport, and he has done very well on TV. You could even Google videos of Sonnen to look for soundbites, and you will find lots of hilarious takes. If you want to go one step further, you can listen to him appear on the LeBatard Show, you will be delighted at how much he gives them the business.

6. Forest Griffin Tells Leben To Chill

Forest Griffin was awoken by Chris Leben punching a wall o the Ultimate Fighter, and his response is so funny that you cannot help but laugh. He was shocked more than anything like, “take a chill pill, dude.”

7. Lesnar Gets On His Wife At UFC 100

Brock Lesnar ran up on his opponent to let him know he would “get up on his wife” after the fight. Lesnar was crazy at UFC 100, and he has never turned down the intensity.

8. Riddle Plays The Spy

Riddle was part of a funny gag where he crushed eggs on Jeremy May’s bed on the Ultimate Fighter. He even played the spy, helped May try to find the perpetrator even though he did it.

9. Mark Coleman Back Flops

Mark Coleman won a spectacular fight, and he tried to celebrate by running around the ring. He tried to jump on the cage, but he flopped on his back instead. Oops!

10. St. Pierre Is Not Impressed

George St. Pierre has the best soundbite or simply walking into the ring with his accent and his bravado to let someone else know, “I wasn’t impressed with your performance.”

11. Helwani Gets An Earful

When Ariel Helwani was trying to interview Nick Diaz before a fight, it was Diaz who brought the pain by explaining to Helwani that he did not even want to do the interview. A lot of athletes do not want to do interviews because it messes with their focus, but Diaz did not want to do the interview because people like Helwani “would get slapped” back in his neighborhood. You can see the point, and people are still laughing about it. Helwani even tells that story because he thinks it’s funny.

12. Couture Spanks Ortiz

Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz had an epic fight at UFC 44 that will always be remembered for the fact that one of the fighters got spanked. No matter how you feel about the fight or the fighters. Couture even took time out of a fight that he was clearly winning to spank Ortiz. That spanking is something that people will always remember, and some people who were at the fight claim that Couture said, “who’s your daddy?” During that fight, Couture was definitely the daddy.

13. St. Pierre Tears His Groin

Georges St. Pierre fought Thiago Alves and he tore his groin during the fight. This is something that obviously didn’t make the fight any easier for Georges, but he went back to his corner after the round, and he told his corner that he knew he tore his groin.

His trainer came back with the best advice that you could ever get. His trainer told him, “hit him with your groin, George!” Not sure why you would tell your fighter to do that, but it is better than anything else St. Pierre could come up within that fight.

14. Nick Diaz Does The One Finger Salute

Nick Diaz does not like other fighters, and that was never more apparent than when he was fighting Frank Shamrock. He was at the pre-fight press conference, and Shamrock came back to the table to shake Diaz’s hand. This turned into a non-handshake when Diaz gave Shamrock the middle finger. This is something that a lot of people remember because they did not even wait until the weigh-in to hate each other.

The funniest moments in UFC are so funny that you cannot even believe they happened in such a violent sport. You can find a lot of them on your own if you would like to search for these videos online, and you should make sure that you have these videos ready if you want to respond to your friends with a UFC touch. You can also go through a list of these or even watch the fights waiting for the funny moments to come up again or just to make your friends laugh at work.