Flowers – Best Choice For Your Living Room

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Flowers are excellent for your living room as they add a bit of life to it. Adding flowers to decorate the area of your home where you invite guests is a sure way of breaking the monotony. But the interesting thing about flower decorations is that the options are truly limitless. You can choose flowers based on their colors, and go for some amazing bright colors, and you can even select flowers that give out an amazing scent.

But it seems the best option would be to choose a variety of shades that will best complement your living room interior. Furthermore, the flower decorations will give you something to look forward to when getting home.

So, with all that said, let’s get to know the best flower decorations for your living room. We will base this article on decorations for various features in your living room.

1. Decorating The Dining Room Table

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For decorating the dining room or kitchen island, we suggest a combination of a few flowers that include anemones, pink lisianthus, hydrangeas, and various other greeny flowers that will make up the rest of the arrangement.

You should base the colors depending on the interior, so sometimes the pink lisianthus won’t be a viable color. But the combination we just mentioned is perfect if your interior is made out of lighter colors, and works best if it’s white.

For other colors, get a combination of flowers we mentioned that go along nicely with the shade. But decorating the dining room table is a must, as it will draw the eyes towards your kitchen.

On the size of the decoration, it should be something big. We suggest the bouquet to be at least two feet wide and at least 1 foot tall. That way, the bouquet will further enhance the size of your kitchen and the dining table itself.

2. Decorating the Coffee Table

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The coffee table area will be the most visible part of your living room after you decorate it with a few lavender roses, pink mini carnations, Peruvian lilies, and larkspur. However, again, base the colors of the flowers against the colors of your interior; that way the decoration will have the biggest impact.

The coffee table area is where you will host your friends when they come over, so it’s only natural that it looks the part. But unlike the dining room table, the coffee table is much smaller so it should house a larger decoration. Quite the opposite, a small and charming bouquet of the flowers we just mentioned should do the job just fine.

For extra spark, add a bit of greenery around the bouquet in the holes where you feel is needed. A generally good option for this would be eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus will go along nicely with any type of flower arrangement, not just the one we mentioned.

The best part of this arrangement is that the flowers we picked for it give us a charming scent that will take away the bad odors and smells, all while serving a supportive role in your living room. This arrangement shouldn’t be neglected in terms of watering, so you should never forget to water it at least once per day.

3. Decorating the Windowsill

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Windowsills serve the role to “house” plant decorations and flower arrangements. One plant that will give you the most if you place it there is the ficus plant. As a matter of fact, ficus is the most popular house plant out there, with it virtually having the presence in every second home.

Ficus grows very easy, very well, and with no difficulties what so ever. This is part of the reason why it is so popular. But another factor to its popularity is the sheer beauty and elegance of the flower. Ficus can blend in pretty well with every texture, color, and size of the room. The plant is super flexible and will appeal to no particular taste.

If you’re looking for other ways to decorate not just your living room but every room in your home, then you can get ideas here.

4. Decorating the TV Stand

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The TV is the focal point when it’s on. So, one way to further add to the sight is to decorate around it. For this decoration, it has to be small otherwise it will compromise the point of the TV. So, if you’re looking for something small, nice, and will do the job, look no further than the modesty of a succulent.

A small, but not too small, succulent will be the perfect decoration to give a bit of greenery to the TV stand. Same as the ficus, the succulent is a very popular flower that many households own. The main difficulties with a succulent are that it requires a lot of sunlight. Air-conditioned rooms also negatively impact on this flower, so a succulent will work only if you fill out criteria. Namely, it needs sunlight, so the TV stand needs to be exposed to some sunlight.

However, even if the TV stand doesn’t get enough sunlight, you can still shit it back and forth for it to get its much-needed daily dose of sunlight.

We’re also going to add a few notable mentions that will act as a reserve decorative option.

  • For the Living Room: Philodendron, English Ivy, and Majesty Palms are all excellent 2nd rate decorative options for your living room. The philodendron and majesty palm go well as floor décor, while the English ivy works best as a shelf flower. All three need full sunlight so they should be placed somewhere where they will get it.
  • For the Dining Area: Marble Queen, Golden Pothos, and Philodendron (again) are excellent 2nd rate decorative options for the dining area. The golden pothos works best as a tabletop décor, meaning it will work best on your dining table, while the marble queen should be placed on a shelf or windowsill. All three require partial to full sunlight, so your sunlight needs aren’t as strict as the others we mentioned.