5 Tips For Selecting the Best Finish for Interior Wooden Doors in 2024

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Redecorating your home with new installments, features, and furniture is always an exciting endeavor for the whole family. No matter what you want or need to change, the final result cannot seem to get there fast enough as everyone is excited and slightly worried about the process. Among the most important things for the majority of homeowners includes the interior design, particularly the wall paint and elements such as doors and flooring.

In the article before you, we will focus on the doors, more particularly the best finish when interior wooden doors are concerned. Let us move onto the crucial tips to consider when selecting the best wooden door finish for your home.

  1. The Previous Paint

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If you are renovating your existing doors, you have to consider the paint that used to be there or the one that is there now. Darker colors are harder to paint over, and the stronger and more durable the existing coat the harder it will be to paint over it. Therefore, make sure to get the right kind of paint that will be capable of showing over dark brown, dark wood, or black doors.

Chances are you will have to sand the door and try to remove as much paint as possible. This will give you a fresh start and allow the wood to absorb the new paint more easily. Removing old paint could also have health-related benefits, as older paint, particularly that before 1979, contained lead, famously easily absorbed by our bodies.

  1. Unorthodox Colors and Designs

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If you wish to spice up your home, one of the best yet often overlooked ways of doing so are eye-catching, unusual colors of doors. For example, bright ones like yellow, red, or green may do the trick for a particular door in your home. The tradition is for the doors to resemble and mimic what the rest of the interior is doing, particularly the walls, the windows, and the floors, sometimes the furniture too.

If you use an unexpected color, you will put more accent on the doors and signal that something fun and interesting hides in that particular room. You could paint your children’s bedroom doors blue or pink, the door to your office a fun color to brighten a hard workday or opt to get a fun and engaging combination for the game room or a man cave. The choice is yours and it mostly has to do with imagination and creativity!

  1. Getting New Doors

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The most expensive way of doing this kind of renovation would be to change the doors altogether. This also gives you the most freedom, however, as you have a fully new slate to let your decorative skills and imagination run wild. Would you like mirrors or windows on some doors? Do you wish for all to be different, or for some to be similar? What kind of complications and panels do you wish your inner sides to have? There is a lot to consider.

Luckily, in modern times, almost anything can be achieved as long as you are willing and able to pay slightly more. Therefore, get together with all members of the family and choose the new doors together. That way everyone can pick what they like. The only thing left to do then is for the carpenter to come and measure the necessary height, width, and depth. Do not forget that the door handles and doorknobs sell separately, meaning you can pick and choose them as well. Changing these could prove enough for some already great doors, as you often need to refresh the door and not change it fully.

  1. Consider the Kind of Room

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One of the easiest ways of choosing the right kind of door is taking into consideration what room it is that the door will allow access to and from. Not all doors fit equally well with all rooms, and it is often the case of the room’s purpose and who generally resides in it that makes the final decision. For the master bedroom, you will probably want something classy and relaxing that will help you relax and make you wish to look your best in the morning.

Do not underestimate the power of details, great decoration, and beautiful artisan work. On the other hand, for dining rooms and those that separate hallways from the rooms, the fan-favorites include doors with large window panels that make the connected areas more lit and more open. What is more, since the traffic is always heavier through them, the transparency will help you know if someone else is coming through from the other side. Last but not least, since privacy is of the utmost importance on bathroom and toilette doors, people like opting for slightly sturdier and noise-canceling doors just to feel more relaxed and carefree.

  1. Materials

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Last but not least, one of the most obvious things to consider apart from the color, the panel, and the room type is the type of wood, that is, the material. Full wooden doors are of the highest quality and obviously the most expensive. However, they are the most beautiful both to look at and to touch, and they alone are capable of raising the value of your home and making it look more professionally made and better decorated.

If you need simple, cheap doors for some rarely used, hidden away rooms, you can opt for some solution that mixes wood scraps. For the best effect and especially if you wish to make the doors feel alive and go well with everything else inside the home, you should consider walnut, maple, mahogany, birch, oak, cherry, bamboo, or pine doors. These are all long-term, quality solutions that will ensure decades of style and comfort. You can combine a few as well, both for a single door that would be made of a few different panels and for separate doors that would each utilize a different kind of wood.