4 Simple Tips For Finding Your Perfect Sports Betting Bonus

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Sports betting bonuses offer you a great way to take your sports bets to the next level. After all, these are deals put on by online sportsbooks that frequently give you extra bet credit to play with. While it’s pretty easy to find sports betting bonuses online, it can be a little harder to find the deal that’s right for your needs. So take a look at the following tips you can use to make sure that you’re always playing with the best sports betting bonuses!

Check a comparison site

There are dozens of online sportsbooks in the US and each of these will have a handful of bonuses for new and existing customers. It would take you a long time you visit each of these sportsbooks to see which bonuses are right for you.

This is why most sports fans will visit a betting resource like captaingambling.com where they can read detailed reviews of each bonus and see comparison tables of how each of these special offers rank. All of which can save you a lot of time and effort in finding the perfect sports betting bonus.

Consider your betting needs

The good news is that there is a massive range of sports betting bonuses out there and so you should be able to find a deal that’s well suited to your own betting needs. Many bettors will simply opt for matched deposit bonuses and matched bet offers as these simply give you extra credit to play with.

However, it might also be worth checking which sportsbooks have risk-free bet bonuses that refund any losses incurred with bonus credit. Such deals might be well suited to football fans who want to back the New York Jets despite the team’s relatively poor run of form.

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Note the quality of the sportsbook

Obviously, any sports betting bonus is only as good as the online sportsbook that it is attached to. There is simply no point in signing up to get a special offer if it comes from a sports betting site that cannot be trusted. This is why it’s always a smart move to thoroughly research the online sportsbook as well as the sports betting promotion.

We’d recommend making sure that the betting site is actually licensed and regulated in the state that you’re playing from. So if you’re based in Denver, you’ll need to make sure that the sportsbook is regulated by the Colorado Division of Gaming. Plus it’s smart to check that the online sportsbook actually has decent odds for the sport that you want to be betting on too.

Read the small print

It’s easy to get spellbound by the sheer generosity of a sports betting bonus. But don’t get blinded by the headlines of these deals as the true value of each bonus is found in the terms and conditions.

This is because it is in the small print that you’ll discover important information relating to things like time limits, qualifying odds and those all-important wagering conditions. It can be all too tempting to skip past the terms and conditions and put your bonus credit into action. But doing so could be a big mistake as you’ll probably end up accidentally invalidating the bonus funds you receive. So make sure that you read the small print!

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Different Types Of Sports Betting Bonuses You Can Acquire

There are several types of sports betting bonuses you can find as you bet along: welcome bonus, free bet, deposit match-up bonus, price boost, reload, and rollover bonus. However, the betting rules are different for all these bonuses.

Welcome Bonus

You can only get the sign-up or welcome bonus when it is your first time at the sportsbook. It is generally promoted at the opening pages of the websites to attract new users and make them register an account. You have to keep in mind that there are various types of welcome bonuses offered by different websites.

However, most of them have to be claimed within a specific period. If not, you can not use them anymore. Free bet and deposit match-up bonuses are two common types of welcome bonuses provided in numerous sportsbooks.

Free Bet

You can also obtain a free bet if you are a new user. However, there are some betting apps and websites that offer free bets for regular users as an incentive. You will get this bonus when you bet on a specific odd, and after that, you will receive a free wager you can utilize on several sports matches. If you want to obtain this, you will need to bet on the odd and the certain amount implied by the bookmaker.

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Deposit Match Up Bonus

Here is another exciting bonus that can be claimed by new users. This type of bonus fits your initial deposit up to 100%. The sports betting website or app tends to add a percentage that would match the bonus. In addition to that, based on the sportsbook, you might get from 20 to 100% of deposit match-up bonus.

Price Boost

Whether you are a new user or an existing player, you can claim price boosts. You can get the price boost on a daily basis, monthly basis, or every time a new league season begins. Using this bonus, you can boost the wagering payout when the team you put the bet on wins.

In addition, day-to-day price boosts tend to reset after a day. If you want to gain more payout, all you have to do is ensure that you strengthen your wager with the price boost.

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You will only get the rollovers, which are also fun bonuses, by filling the indicated rollover rules. In short, you can easily claim this bonus after you have completed wagering the needed number of rollovers.

The rollovers arrive with a percentage bonus which you should achieve, and that percentage can range from 50, 75, and 100%. Several websites provide the rollovers in various groups like 3x, 5x, 10x, and so on.

Reload Bonus

When you have already made deposits plenty of times at the website, you will get a reload bonus. It is provided as an incentive by the bookmakers so you would make more deposits and bet on various matches again.

Though these bonuses are lesser than the welcome bonus, you can use them to wager with free money. Based on the percentage provided by the site, you will get anywhere between 10 to 50% of reload bonus.