How to Find the Next Profitable Crypto Trade – 2024 Guide

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Cryptocurrency is the term that would undoubtedly get voted as the most significant and the one that marked the past decade if there wasn’t for the COVID-19 virus outbreak. We all heard about digital money, many of us know at least some basics about it, and those who already have experience in crypto trading are well aware of its potential. Nonetheless, it is a market full of potential, and since everything happens quite fast, if you are not focused enough, the opportunity to earn big and get on the crypto train can pass. It is all a reason more why everyone who wants and plans to invest in cryptocurrency needs to stay informed, follow the latest trends, and be prepared to take some calculated risks.

Although still pretty new, digital money revolutionized the way we perceive money, and it changed our monetary future overall. It has already proven as one of the most profitable investment opportunities beating gold and silver. Knowing this and knowing the value of some popular cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum, many now wonder which crypto would be the next big thing, along with how to find a profitable crypto trade. Well, there are many things to consider, and finding the best crypto trade can be quite challenging. That is why we will try to find an answer with you, so if you want to find out more on this topic, simply continue reading.

Read the news regularly

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Since cryptocurrencies are extremely popular nowadays, they have a lot of media attention. It can be a good thing for those who are new to this type of trading because it is possible to find and learn everything they need on the internet. On the other side, more media attention means more interested people and more users, which can be great for traders but not so good for new miners. Those more experienced can seize the opportunity because the new traders usually get scared and try to sell everything they own as soon as it is possible.

Besides that, it can lead to large changes in the value of the currency, and sometimes it can be hard to act smart. Keep in mind that not all the news is reliable and that you should read them carefully and check twice before you choose to start trading. As in every job, having the necessary information is crucial, and never start anything before checking all the info. There are too many fake trading sites with perfect advertisements to attract new users, so never experiment with a new currency before it becomes reliable. It may sound tempting to be one of the first users and to take advantage of many benefits, but in the end, it can bring more harm than good.

Learn more about volatility

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No currency is stable all the time, no matter if it is fiat money or digital, and talking solely about cryptocurrencies, it is even harder to predict which one will bring you the most profit. Their value tends to rise and fall pretty fast, and the fact is that it is almost impossible to predict what is going to happen next. Many experts have different opinions, and just look at what the financial specialists said about Bitcoin just a few years ago and what they say now.

That aside, it does not mean that you should rely only on your luck, far from it, and as we mention, the information is crucial. Investigate the history of rises and falls because each of them is repeating, and knowing that, you can try to predict if its value is going to be higher or lower. It can be a little tricky with new currencies that do not have such a vast history to check out, compare, and draw some conclusions, but it is crucial to take enough time to investigate all the possibilities. Making a trade at the right moment can bring you a lot of money, and it is up to you to keep updated.

Choose the currency with lower fees

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Fees are something that it is almost impossible to avoid, no matter what type of trading we are talking about, and in the crypto world, each cryptocurrency has different fees. For those trying to earn some money this way, the best thing is to choose the one with the lower fees, especially if you are looking for some new crypto to invest in and trade. There are four main types of fees to pay attention to, exchange, trade, deposit, and withdrawal fees, and each of them can reduce profits a lot.

For those not that familiar with crypto trading, the exchange fees are what you have to pay for using that platform’s software, and depending on the coins you deal with, the fees can be higher or lower. How high the trade rates would get depends on what type of coins you trade, and there are different rates for receiving and sending the cryptos. Withdrawing fees are different for each exchange, and as most people are already familiar with the term, they are about how much you will get charged for withdrawing the money. Because of all that, it is necessary to find the best strategy to avoid all unnecessary costs if possible. New users can find it difficult, but once they learn more about cryptocurrencies, they will find a way to do it.

The bottom line

With so many companies now investing in cryptos, and with many of them announcing creating their own digital money, the future sure looks bright for all of us, investors. Now, the main topic is about what to do next, how to determine which crypto will explode in 2024, how to get the most of our trading and reduce costs. Well, everything mentioned above should help with the last two, but as for the first one, there are some great coins that look promising right now.

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