Features to Incorporate in Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Cabinets are the most important element of the kitchen. They help you store and hide accessories, items as well as organize your kitchen. By incorporating some features in your cabinetry, you can maximize their use. Here are some features that you can install or introduce in your cabinets. So read the article to get a complete idea.

Vertical Dividers

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Incorporating vertical dividers in your RTA cabinets is useful for storing ample flat and large objects, such as cookie sheets, cutting boards, muffin tins, baking pans, platters, large lids, and cooling racks. Some cabinets even come with these vertical dividers. In fact, they also give you the option to adjust them according to your needs.

You also need to know that the best placements of these dividers are upper cabinets. Depending on your requirements, you can install them in 9 to 12 inches long narrow base cabinetry. What’s the best thing? These types of drawers look perfect in every type of cabinet.

Spice Pull-out

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Every kitchen has some common spices such as pepper, garlic seasoning, salt, and paprika. Do you mix spices whenever you create new seasonings or spices? Or maybe it is difficult to find the right spices when you are getting late? We understand, organizing the spice boxes in your kitchen cabinets can be challenging. When you place all the bottles together in single cabinetry, it won’t be easy to find one without removing or replacing some of the spices in the cabinets.

Therefore, you need a 12-inch wide pull-out cabinet that you can fit adjacent to your burner or cooking range. People who love cooking and use many spices can opt for two cabinets that they can install on each side of the stove for a more symmetrical appearance. You can also invest in the spice pull-out cabinets that come with tiered shelves. They offer you storage for spaces in which you can keep anything you have.

Deep Drawers

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A simple, old-fashioned drawer is making a comeback in trend. Not to mention, homeowners are loving the idea of introducing these drawers in their kitchen. A few decades ago, the lower cabinetry, including both shaker cabinets and RTA cabinets, used to come with drawers that had space enough for aluminum foil boxes or silverware. However, in today’s busy life, people want to put pans and pots in deep drawers instead of digging around the back of the lower cabinets. This saves their time and effort.

The best part is that these drawers allow you to use the entire space, as it will be easier for you to find the kitchen objects you have placed deep in the back. You also need to know that many homeowners are also avoiding using the upper cabinetry in their kitchen. This is because it provides them a free wall for open shelving, windows, and tiled walls.

It is important to note that removing the upper cabinets from your space will make your kitchen look bigger and spacious. However, if you remove the upper cabinetry, your lower cabinets will need more storage. In this case, deep drawers allow you to accommodate the items you usually keep in upper kitchen cabinets.

Recycling and Trash Pull-Outs

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Your recycling and trash bins can cover a great floor area. They even look unattractive when you put them in the corner and near the entrance of the room. Plus, they even cover great space that you can use for a better purpose. Having a pull-out trash and recycling cabinet will help you hide them easily. On top of that, you can use them easily when needed. You can throw the garbage directly into the trash from your counter.

If you want to make the throwing process easy and accessible, you can introduce a pull-out cutting board just above the trash pull-out. This way, when done cutting your veggies or fruits, you can directly throw the trash into the bin.

Drawer Peg System

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If you have more drawers than the cabinets and you place all the items in your drawers rather than upper cabinetry, you may need pegs. These items help you to keep your drawers organized and clean. The advantage of having a peg system in your drawers is that you can always adjust them according to your needs. This way, you will be able to keep your bowls and plates in one place without allowing them to slide around.

It is important to note that you can find different peg systems in the market that you can install in your cabinets. This system may look unappealing before installation. But once you incorporate it in your drawers, it gives a sleek, clean, and organized look to your cabinets.

Knife and Cutlery Block Drawer

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You can find cabinets that come with a knife or cutlery organizer that allows you to keep your item in the right place. It also saves your time, as you don’t have to search for the right knife or spoon from the cutlery. If you don’t want to invest in these expensive drawers, you can simply purchase cost-effective kitchen cabinets from Walcraft Cabinetry. Plus, you can find drawer systems or drawer compartments that you can place in your cabinets to keep each type of cutlery at a particular place.

Additionally, this accessory option comes in several configurations, sizes, and colors. In fact, you can also find some with built-in removable cutting boards. Just make sure to measure the size of your drawers before purchasing any cutlery block drawer.

Bottom Line

Best kitchen cabinets offer you several features so that your cooking work becomes easy and simple. It doesn’t mean that you need to get new cabinets to enjoy more features. You simply need to install and place some drawers and cabinet accessories that help you organize your cabinetry.