2021’s Favorite Hot Wheels Diecast Sets

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Many kids favorite toy brand, Hot Wheels, continuously comes out with new diecast sets.   This year was no different.  We have highlighted some of this year’s favorite and most collectible small diecast sets. According to NozlenToys.com here is a brief highlight of a few of the top sets offered by Hot Wheels in 2024!

50th Anniversary Black and Gold Diecast Set

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Hot Wheels cars have been around for the past 50 years, and this makes the 50th-anniversary black and gold a unique set to acquire. The collection contains vehicles such as the Dodge Impala, Dodge Dart, Twin Mill, and Bone Shaker Car among many other classic models.

One fantastic thing about these diecast cars is that they come fitted with rubber tires. Therefore, they are likely to last for a long period of time.  Although many children find it hard to recognize the set’s classy models, the black and gold diecast set is hard to resist. It leaves a pleasing sight for everyone to admire. The six cars come with a detailed interior that will leave you impressed.  There is also a “chase” car with this set that is a bit harder to find.  It’s a gold Camaro.

24-car Assortment Set

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The 24-car assortment is often known as a suitable option for those intending to invest in their child’s hot wheels collection. The package comprises of 24 cars, which are an imitation of vintage vehicles newer than 2014. Therefore, by investing in this specific set, your child’s collection will be fresh with interpretations of modern cars such as the Batmobile.

With this set, you can never be sure of the specific cars you’re likely to find. But, you will find some vehicles from recent movies. One disadvantage that comes with investing in this set is that among the cars, you will find a few SUVs. Also, there is a lack of trucks in the collection. Therefore, if your child prefers trucks and SUVs, this may not be the best option for them.

50-car Mega Starter Pack

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This is also another pack that you should consider if you wish to expand your child’s Hot Wheels collection. The package contains 50 cars and is a perfect gift for your child or any Hot Wheels fan. With 50 cars, you can easily share them among your kids, to avoid arguments at home. With this many cars, it would be beneficial to have a carrying case and storage location because 50 isn’t a small number. Without a storage area, you may have the 50 cars scattered all over the house. Don’t forget to protect your favorite cars in the set by using a Hot Wheels Case protector. The package features a wide selection of vehicles. With the set, you can be sure to get almost every vehicle model from the classy to the recent collections. Therefore, your kids will have a good time enjoying this set.

Hot Wheels Justice League Diecast Set

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Does your child love superheroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman or Superman? If so, then this set is perfect for your child. The hot wheels justice league set is made up of five cards featuring these superheroes. The set has design elements from these superheroes combined with fast racing cars. The collection is a bit expensive compared to the other sets in the market, but the design is worth the price. Many kids find this set amazing. Don’t be surprised to see your child sleeping with the cars, the superheroes make them extra special.

90th-anniversary mickey mouse set

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Late last year, Hot Wheels released a line of eight toy cars in memory of Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary. These sets didn’t fully get distributed until well into 2019.  If your kid happens to be a fan of Mickey Mouse, this set should be a perfect gift. The collection features a mimic of a grey 32’ Ford, green Plymouth Fury, and a black Avant Garde among five other models. By choosing this set, your child will have exciting cars to play with. This Hot Wheels set brings the fun of Disney right into your home’s kitchen floor!