Famous Actors You Are Most Likely to See In a Bad Movie

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Well, we are not here to judge which movie is good or bad. We all have different tastes and expectations, don’t we? Let’s use comedies as an example. Different parts of the world have a different sense of humor. Despite that, even people from the same neighborhood will laugh at different things. Because of that, we do not want to share here our personal opinion. Maybe we will mark some movie as the bad one that you liked the most.

Yet, the factor that shows which movie is good or bad is the reviews from the viewers. It is easier than ever before to share your opinion about the movies that are currently playing at theatres. You can share your review on social media or simply comment on different forums. Well, the feedback that the audience gives is the most competent factor that shows which movies are good or bad.

There are various reasons why people believe some movies are bad. Even the movies or TV shows where amateur actors are playing can become viral among people. On the contrary, the movie can be full of highly-professional and famous actors, but it can disappoint the audience completely.

This is the subject that we are about to analyze. According to bingofind.com, there are actors and actresses you are most likely to see in a bad movie. Their list is longer so we suggest you check it before reading ours. This doesn’t mean that these actors are bad. However, it might happen that people were expecting more from the movies where they are playing.

We won’t analyze the entire list. However, we would like to highlight some of them. Once again, our intention is not to provoke or give a personal opinion here. Many factors were included before the list was made, including data from Metacritic.

So, let’s get started.

Rob Schneider

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Well, Rob Schneider is the actor that is first on this list without any doubt. The statistics show that the percentage of movies that got positive reviews is 0. Only 35% of his movies got mixed comments. Finally, believe it or not, 65% of movies where he played got completely negative reviews.

This doesn’t mean that he is a bad actor. He would never have achieved his current status if he was always bad. His career is longer than you think. For example, he played supporting roles in a series of movies including Judge Dredd, The Beverly Hillbillies, Surf Ninjas, etc.

In 1999, his movie career started to develop. His first movie was Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. Some of his movies are also The Animal, The Hot Chick, etc.

Hillary Duff

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One of the actresses that you will most likely see in a bad movie is Hilary Duff. Her movies have almost the same results as Rob’s movies. For example, the number of movies that had the most positive comments is as well 0. The percentage of movies that had mixed results is only 31%. However, there is a small difference when we compare her with Rob Schneider. Most of those mixed comments were positive. That is the reason why she is on the second place of this list.

Still, the number of negative ones is not something we can ignore. Anyway, 69% of her movies had only negative comments.

Who would say that an actress like her would have such bad results?

Anyway, Hillary is only 32 years old and we believe that she will improve these results. Her career started in 2001 when she was the title character of the hit television series Lizzie McGuire. This series lasted for three years. Most of the comments on this series were positive. She became some sort of idol to many teenagers. It seems that series are a quite better choice for her.

Freddie Prinze JR.

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Well, the third member of our list also has 0% of positive movies behind him. However, as you can see, this doesn’t mean that he is not a good actor. Is there a movie-lover that hasn’t watched the movie where Freddie Prince played? We believe that the number of those people is low.

Anyway, 33% of the movies where played had mixed comments. Similar to Hilary Duff, there was a big number of positive comments that are mixed with a big number of negative ones. Anyway, the movies with negative reviews are around 67%. All these pieces of data put him in third place.

His career started in 1997. In that year, he played in “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Despite that, there are movies like She’s All That, Summer Catch, Scooby-Doo, etc. He also had starring and recurring roles in TV shows like Boston Legal, Friends, 24, etc. When you read all those titles, it is hard to believe that he is not a talented actor.

Nick Swardson

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The last name on our list is a bit better than the previous three actors. For example, the positive movies (when we look at the reviews) are around 10%. This piece of data is great when we compare Nick Swardson with the previous three actors.

However, that doesn’t mean that his entire career is full of positive movies. On the contrary; 29% had mixed comments from the audience. Finally, 62% of the movies where Nick Swardson played are negative which puts him in the fourth place of our list.

When you look closer, all these pieces of information seem silly. Nick is not someone who doesn’t have experience in the filming industry. Is there a person that hasn’t watched the comedy series Reno 911? Well, this show is probably the main reason why he became so popular. However, he was not so famous for being part of good movies. Some of the movies where he played are Almost Famous and Pretty When You Cry.


Before we say “goodbye”, there is one thing that we have to say. All the actors deserve the respect of the audience. Their “statistics” might not be as good as some of their counterparts, but all of them have had successful roles during their careers. Make sure you don’t always read the comments and reviews of other people. We simply have different tastes. We understand that you are looking for social proof. Still, most of the movies do not last for more than 2 hours, unless you are Martin Scorsese. Just choose a movie, hit the play button and make your own informed decision.