13 Lesser Known Facts About Cannabis

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Everyone knows cannabis is an illegal drug in most parts of the universe. Also, most people think that any form of it can make you high. On the other hand, some individuals view cannabis as medicine due to its healing properties. Generally, most of these people are right. Cannabis is illegal in most countries because it’s commonly being used as a drug rather than for its medicinal benefits. However, there are lots of things that most people, especially non-consumers, don’t know about it. They include:

1. Cannabis Has Been Around For A Very Long Time

Unlike the perception surrounding the emergence of cannabis in the 1960s, the plant has been around for thousands of years. In the ancient days, the Chinese produced oil, food, textile, and ropes from its seeds. As it got into business with Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, the use of cannabis expanded, and people started making paper and medicine from the plant.

Though most countries and states are yet to legalize the use, others do for medical purposes. However, there’s a line drawn between the use of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), both delivered from cannabis.

2. Cannabis Can Make You Horny

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Cannabis can make one horny and increase their sense of touch. When taken at higher doses, its tranquilizing effects take control. Though orgasm might be weaker, the involved party experiences excess sensuality. Consumer can have a stronger sense of connection towards who they’re with, and sex can be more ‘touchy feely.’ You can also visit here to learn more about why weed makes one horny.

3. Cannabis Was First Legalized In Uruguay

Uruguay is found on the southern coast of South America. It’s the first country to legalize cannabis use. The legalization happened in 2013, and no other country wished to join the course until 2018, when Canada saw it right to follow suit. Later, Malta, Mexico, and others also joined the wagon.

4. Morocco’s The World’s Largest Producer Of Cannabis

Morocco is believed to be the world’s largest cannabis producer. This is due to the fact that the government seizes countless cannabis resins in the country. Also, the country is estimated to have over 47,000 hectares of plantations. Since one hectare comprises about two and a half acres, it’s evident that Morocco has quite a large area covered it.

5. Cannabis Has Over 100 Active Cannabinoids

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Cannabinoids are chemical elements that interact with cannabinoid receptors in one’s body. Cannabinoid marijuana refers to the use of whole plants, while marijuana refers to a product with THC and other components. According to scientists, there are over 100 cannabinoids in cannabis.

6. Cannabis Has Relaxation And Invigorating Stimulants

Cannabis is well known for causing different effects on its consumers. Taking certain doses can cause relaxing effects and cause one to go into a deep sleep. On the other hand, some doses can increase a consumer’s energy, making them extra active. The reason behind different reactions is that cannabinoids interact with cannabinoid receptors in one’s brain differently, causing different effects.

7. Cannabis Has Medicinal Benefits

Several studies have proved that it indeed has medicinal benefits. Following this revelation, most countries that were yet to legalize the use of cannabis did it due to these benefits. According to scientists, cannabis can help reduce pain and improve insomnia, among other health issues. Currently, countless individuals use cannabis as a natural option to treat their ailments.

8. The Most Common Marijuana Intake Method Is Inhalation

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While there are several cannabis consumption methods, such as dabbing, tinctures, edibles, and beverages, most consumers prefer inhalation. This means smoking it rather than using the consumption methods mentioned above. According to the consumers who prefer smoking, this method seems natural as it dates from far behind the discovery of other consumption methods.

9. Cannabis Can Cause Heart Problems

While cannabis is known for its medicinal effects, it has health side effects that aren’t known to many. Among the greatest health issues accompanying its use is the extra strain on your cardiovascular system. According to Harvard Medical School, cannabis can increase heart rate, dilate blood vessels, and make pumping blood difficult.

10. It Has Over 200 Nick-Names

If you talk about cannabis to different people, you’ll notice that they all address it differently. Some call it weed, grass, pot, and others ganja. The English address it as gasper stick, while Latin Americans call it Caracas. Currently, there are over 200 slang terms for marijuana.

11. The Most Joints Smoked By A Single Individual Are 115,000

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Though most people might think one can’t know how much cannabis they have smoked, this might be a different case for Irvin Rosenfeld. It’s believed that this person from Florida has smoked over 115,000 joints. The number of joints is easily documented since cannabis is ferried to him directly from the government weekly.

Irvin Rosenfeld was diagnosed with a rare bone tumor that led the state to be compassionate with him and agreed to supply him with cannabis. Since he was diagnosed with the condition, he’s been consuming cannabis. According to him, the number of joints he’s smoked is even higher since he had smoked other joints before the tally began.

12. Not All Cannabis Gets One High

The greatest misconception about it is that it gets one high. This notion is far from the truth. Several strains contain low THC levels that can’t get one high. For instance, cannabis used for medical benefits doesn’t have psychoactive effects.

13. It Was The First Product To Be Sold And Bought Online

Most people don’t know that cannabis was the first product to be sold and bought online. In 1971, some Stanford students made the first e-Commerce transaction, cannabis being the primary product. Some believe these students bought marijuana from MIT students, while others believe the opposite. Regardless of how it happened, the fact that cannabis was the first product to be sold and purchased online remains.


There are lots of myths surrounding cannabis. Some view it as a source of getting high, while others see it as medicinal. Some countries have already legalized it, while others have yet to. Regardless of how you view weed, the above information remains to be the cannabis facts that some people are yet to learn.