What are Some Important Factors that can Affect Your Pool Color – 2024 Review

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When you decide to have a pool built, the first thing that comes to mind is the finish. Since the finish directly impacts the color of your pool, you need to make the right decision. However, you should also understand that there are several other factors that affect the color of your pool, apart from the finish. You read that right.

The pool is a lifestyle choice. Obviously, you prefer to make it as appealing as it can be. While the natural factors influence the pool color to a great extent, there are options available today to enhance the pool aesthetics such as dyes and finishes. Businesses and homeowners have a wide choice to make their pool attractive.

Pool Color is a priority factor since it can affect the curb appeal of your home or business, according to swimmingpoolssydney.com.au. Choose a cool blue color to experience true calm when you get down into the pool or go with a marine red if you are looking to energize the surroundings. The choice, as already mentioned is abundant. It is up to you to choose one that aligns or contrasts with the theme of your space.

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Understanding the Spectrum of Light

Water, as you all know is colorless. So, the color you exactly see in your pool is the game the light plays. The white light consists of seven colors but each one of them has a different wavelength. This is the reason some colors are dominant. While the color red has a longer wavelength, blue comes with a shorter wavelength. UV rays have even shorter wavelengths. Depending upon the colors’ wavelengths, the light can reflect back or go deeper when the sunlight falls on your pool. Finally, the color you see in your pool is the result of the light reflecting off the finish you have provided.

Now, let’s explore the important factors that affect your pool color. Understanding them help you make the right decision for your pool finish and color.

Environment Surrounding Your Pool

Your pool water looks different on sunny days when compared to the cloudy days. Since weather keeps changing by the day, you cannot choose a finish based on this factor alone. However, if huge trees or tall structures surround your yard or space where you are going to have the pool, the pool appears darker. If you have light green trees around your pool, the pool looks greener. This is simple school physics. The water is transparent and the color you see is the result of reflection.

We suggest you choose a color or finish that aligns with your pool’s surrounding natural environment.

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Depth and Size of the Pool

If you have ever observed the oceans’ color, you will know the deeper the water, the deeper the color. The water at the beaches will be transparent but on the deeper side, it looks dark blue. In the same manner, if you have a shallow pool, the pool color appears lighter while it is darker if you have a deeper pool.

Further, if your pool is designed to have fountains or small waterfalls, the color looks vivid. This is due to the creation of light prisms during the movement of water. The deeper and bigger your pool, the richer the pool color. So, the size of your pool is a prominent factor that affects the pool color.

If you are looking to build a pool and explore options, fibreglass pools can be a great choice. These pools can be installed effortlessly and are easy to maintain.

Shifting Sunlight

This is yet another important factor that affects your pool color. Most of the pool catalogues you see have pictures taken on a clear sunny day, with no surrounding structures or barriers. So, if your pool is shaded by structures around, don’t expect to see the same finish or water color you saw in the catalogue. Additionally, water also reflects the sky above. So a clear blue sky means your pool will appear rich blue and vibrant.

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Artificial Pool Colors

The natural light and finish of the pool largely affect the pool color. However, you can provide the color of your choice if you are going to use the pool late evening or during the night. Colored lights can be installed in the pool to obtain amazing effects. With modern underwater lights, you can make your pool appear as stunning and unique as you are.

Businesses, especially health resorts and spas are increasingly installing LED bulbs to provide a popular well-being therapy called ‘Chromotherapy’. On the other hand, if you want to temporarily change the pool color, there are top quality water dyes. They are cost-effective and a quick solution to changing the pool color.

Underwater Plants and Chemical Levels

The above paragraphs are discussed assuming your pool water is clear. However, not always will the water be fully transparent and clear as crystal. If you already own a pool, you would have experienced this several times. Water often turns green due to the growth of aquatic plants like algae and bacteria.

A pool is a visual treat when it is well maintained and balanced. You need to keep your water circulation and filtration systems clean. The pool water should be free from minerals and heavy metals that could cause the water look murky. If you are worried about your pool color, there are water testing kits widely available. Buy a kit and test your pool water to get an insight into the levels of chemicals present. If they are imbalanced, hire a professional service to get your water cleaned.

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Looking to Install a Pool?

Regular pool maintenance is a must if you want your pool to gleam all the time in the finish you have provided. Fibreglass pool is an excellent option if you are looking for a pool that is low on maintenance. It is inexpensive too when compared to the other pool options. The fibreglass pool also provides a non-abrasive smooth finish, is customizable and high on durability.