Best Ways to Explore Egypt – 2024 Travel Guide

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It is hard to find the right words to describe Egypt. This country has a mystic and long history.

Many people are willing to research the subject of ancient Egypt. Fortunately, there are many pieces of information out there that you can find. Still, reading those historical facts is nothing compering to seeing all those places privately. You won’t understand the story of that era if you do not travel to Egypt.

We know that many people tend to visit this country. Besides, a huge number of them have already been here. It is hard to find a person that was not satisfied with the beauties of this country.

Anyway, we have also noticed that people have common questions before arriving here. Because of that, we want to provide you with a travel guide that will make your holiday even more entertaining.

Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt?

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Okay, we will start with a basic question. This question is not usual only for Egypt. People usually want to prepare themselves and know if they are safe or not.

Fortunately, there are no reasons to worry. Egypt is completely safe and you won’t have to worry. Currently, Egypt is listed with a Level 2 travel warning. We won’t now explain level warnings. However, this means that only certain parts of the country should be avoided. Even in those areas, you can go. No one says that something bad is going to happen. This is just a warning and each tourist has the right to make his own decisions.

When Should People Visit Egypt?

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You already know that the biggest part of the African continent is extremely warm. This means that people should avoid going here between June and August. Yet, if this doesn’t seem like a big problem, then there is something you should know. During the off-peak season, the prices here are quite affordable. So, if your free time allows you that, then you can come in this part of the year as well.

Anyway, the best moment to come here is spring. During the spring, the weather is quite pleasant. Despite that, some of the attractive destinations like Pyramids of Giza, Luxor, and Aswan are fairly quiet.

The Best Ways to Travel around Egypt

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We do not where you exactly live, but most of the tourists come to Egypt by plane. However, traveling around Egypt is a completely different thing. Many people would want to find transportation that will bring them joy and fan. Well, the first thing that we suggest is to join group tours. In this way, traveling around Egypt and exploring the Ancient era will be more entertaining.

However, there are two different things when we talk about exploring Egypt. One of the ways to see the true beauty of this state is to travel via Nile cruises. First of all, the Nile is an ancient, huge, and beautiful river. Despite that, a huge number of monuments were built near this river. In that way, you can explore many things from this period of history.

You can find many travel portals like nile cruise vacation that offer this sort of service. We attached their website and we suggest you visit it and see which options you have.

Despite that, for the best possible experience, we suggest you explore Pyramids of Giza with a camel. This is not only an entertaining way to explore history. You will also understand better the culture of people that live here.

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Still, here we want to tell you something about the camels. Most of the things in Egypt are not for free. Let’s imagine that you ride a camel and you want to take a photo for Instagram. Well, there is a big chance that you will have to pay for that as well. Many owners of a camel will ask you for money. We are telling you this because we do not want that you get confused or surprised. You won’t have to spend a fortune, but giving a couple of dollars is something you will have to do.

Finally, traveling around urban places is also possible with a taxi. You should know that there are three different taxis in Cairo. You can usually find them in Downtown of the city. Those three types of taxies are – White Taxi, Black Taxi, and Yellow Taxi. The white taxis are the oldest ones and they do not have modern equipment. Logically, they are the cheapest ones. The black taxi comes with a taximeter and air-conditioning. We can say they are decent. Finally, there are yellow taxis that are completely professional. They have all the necessary equipment and you will feel comfortable during the drive. You can even book them over the phone which is not the case for the previous two types.

When you look closer, traveling over the Nile seems like the most entertaining choice.

Which Days Are Best for Visiting Monuments?

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Well, we told you which part of the year is the best for exploring ancient Egypt. Still, certain days are especially busy here and we do not suggest you visit these places then. More precisely, Friday and Saturday are the busiest days here. The crowds are huge (especially during the peak season) and you won’t be able to see a lot. That’s why we suggest you visit Cairo Tower, Pyramids or anything else within Monday and Thursday.

Do Americans need VISA to travel to Egypt?

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Yes, Americans need to have a VISA if they plan to go to Egypt. Fortunately, there are two different ways of how you can do that. Both ways are easy and they do not require a lot of time.

First of all, you get an Egypt e-Visa in advance. Visit the website under that name and check which requirements you need to meet. However, you can also request a visa when you come to the airport. This might spend a bit more of your time, but you will get it for a couple of hours. Crowds at the airport can sometimes be huge. That’s why we recommend the first option. It is much more effective than the second one.