This Is What Gamers Could Look Like In 20 Years

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With half the planet population in lockdown, many bored people turned to excessive gaming. A new study looking into the effects of gaming on the human body.

Researchers from have predicted what avid gamers could look like in just 20 years if they don’t change their habits. The team has created a model called Michael that doesn’t look too well.

Michael has painful bloodshot eyes due to extended periods of time staring at a screen. The model also has an indent in his skull due to consistent, light pressure of wearing a gaming headset.

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The model suffers from Onycholysis, a nail disorder caused by repetitive tapping fingernails on a keyboard or controller.

Also, Michael has developed a hunchback and rounded shoulders.

This may or may not put you off gaming at least for a while. Read a book, talk to your family, exercise, it can be fun too.