Everything You Need To Know About the New Perodua Aruz

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Ever since Karl Benz invented the first car in 1886, there has been a constant rise in the technology that is being used in it. Today we have reached a point in time where the cars are the best in terms of safety reliability, looks, and power. Customers are getting everything they want in their cars. Cars and car companies have diversified at this time and almost every country has its local brand of car manufacture that people buy.

A company by the name of Perodua caught my eye when I was surfing the web looking for new cars and technology. Perodua is a company that is located in Malaysia and develops cars and its accessories incorporation of the Daihatsu motor company of japan. Together they make and sell cars by the brand name of Perodua in Malaysia and its surrounding regions. Recently the company has launched a new version of their older SUV called Perodua Aruz. Let’s talk a little bit more about it.

The Design of the Car

The car is designed to be an SUV for everyday people and the company is marketing the car as an all in one road trip car. The looks of the car are quite good and modern and the car has all the features and creature comforts that you would normally find in today’s car.

There are also a lot of features that are not so common and these features give the car an added advantage over their competitors in the market. The car is offered in two packages and both of the cars come with 7 seat option and a 4-speed automatic transmission. I found the car while surfing apps like wapcar and was intrigued by it so I decided to look into it further and write something about it.

Engine Specs

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The car is in the class of an SUV but I think the company took into the consideration the potential buyers and the climate and only put in a 2NR-VE, 4 cylinders, DOHC with DUAL VVT-I engine and this is the only engine you can get with the base and the advanced model. The engine has a displacement of around 1500 cc and it has around 110 horsepower. Which is quite good if we consider that this car is capable of giving around 15.6 km to a liter.

Transmission Specs

There are two variants of this model named Aruz 1.5 AV and Aruz 1.5 X. both models come with a standard engine and a standard transmission. The car’s transmission is a 4-speed automatic transmission and it mates perfectly with the engine as they have been used by other cars beforehand.

Dimensional Specs

Both of the variants of this car have the same dimensional and weight specs, except the AV version, which has a curb weight of 1310 kg which is 10 kg more than the base model. The car has an overall wheelbase of 2685mm which is consistent with almost all SUVs in the market today.

The total length of the car is 4435 mm and a minimum turning radius of 5.2m. The car can hold around 45 liters in its fuel tank and ideally, it can travel around 700 km on a single tank, which is quite impressive and useful for long trips the car is capable of making.

Exterior Specs

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The AV version or the premium model has fog lamps, spoiler and a roof tail that gives the car an aggressive and sporty look. The car also features headlamps that turn on automatically and the headlamps itself are made up of LED with follow me home function and light guides. The side mirrors are automatic and retractable and the driver can adjust them automatically. With a push of a button.

Interior Specs

The premium model which is the AV model comes with leather seats and leather shift bezels, there are three rows of seats and the third row of seats is completely able to be separated and it also can be folded as per need.

The second-row sits and on an electric mount making them slideable and foldable with a single touch of a button. There are two individual seats in the front row for the passenger and the driver.

Comfort Options

As the company markets it the car is made for the average person and their family and the company added creature comforts that can help make the ride much more comfortable than it already is. The car comes equipped with smart entry keys and push start functions as well as a built-in toll reader.

The car also comes with an infotainment system with 6 speakers and a multimedia system with touch input, a smart link for android phones, and navigation options. There are 2 USB ports built in the front and driver seats and there are also 12v power outlets in the front and 3rd rows.

The air conditioner in the car also has vents that are in the front as well as the rear. The front ones are digital while the rear ones are manual.

Safety Specs

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Safety is very important when you are buying a car for yourself or your family. The Aruz includes every safety feature that is available in all the biggest brands today. The car comes with 6 airbags, ABS, Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Emergency Stop Signal, and many other features that help make the car a lot safer to drive. The car also has a built-in reverse camera and a DVR that records the driver and the road to protect the occupants of the car.

Features and Accessories

Unlike other brands, the car is loaded with features and accessories that come with the car. When you buy the car, it comes with carpet mats, safety triangles, and registration plate holders along with all the necessary items that are always present in the car. The car has a lot of features such as hill start assist, anti snatch lock, ISOFIX system, advanced safety assist, and many other features that make this car a worthy car to buy for you and your family.