Everything you need to know about Invisalign

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We all want to have a perfect smile, and therefore, we need perfect white teeth. Wouldn’t you want to have them? You know, those that we see in commercials or on toothpaste packaging. Clearly, oral hygiene is the most important thing and improving it should be your first step on this quest. However, sometimes, it is not enough.

Many of us have more or less crooked teeth, and to be honest, we consider those that do not have this problem, lucky ones. Getting braces is an obvious solution. These can fix any kind of issue you are faced with. Some people might say that this is a costly investment, but believe us, it always pays off in the end.

Since these are the most effective solution to problems like overbite, crossbite, underbite, space between teeth, and so on, nowadays there are many variations of them. In this article, we are going to introduce you to Invisalign. If you have no idea what this is, you have come to the right place, because we are going to give you some basic info about it, and you can learn more, in great detail, on New York Total Dental.

If you are like many people that get self-conscious about wearing braces that are made of metal and are very visible, then you should definitely consider Invisalign treatment. Yes, this is also a type of braces that are going to help you fix the issue, but the difference is that they are made of plastic and that they are completely invisible. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, it kind of is, but there are some things that you should know before making this investment.

You have to wear them as much as possible

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First of all, even though unlike common retainers, these are removable, this is something that you should not do. What do we mean? Well, when you first get them, you should not take them off during the first 48 hours at all (unless you have to brush your teeth and eat). This might seem like a lot, but it is the best way for you to get used to them, and also, they do a lot of work during this period.

Once this is over, you should wear them as much as possible. It is recommended to keep them on for 22 hours every day, but let’s realistic, this is very hard, so it is okay if you have them for about 20 hours. This is something that you cannot avoid if you want to get the best results. Yes, this is a serious commitment, the one you should be ready to make.

Make some speech adjustment

Another thing that you should know is that Invisalign can affect your speech. This probably comes as no surprise since the traditional braces do too, but it is something that can be quite annoying. We don’t want to seem too harsh, but some people, who have had these, would say that it is like you are trying to learn how to speak again. In the beginning, it might seem impossible to utter some sentences, but it will get easier in time when you get used to having them and after a while, you are not going to experience any speech-related problems.

Slight discomfort

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Furthermore, this is something that is expected, but you are likely going to experience some discomfort. No, we are not talking about some severe pain, but it will take you some time to get used to these. You are probably aware of the fact that people who wear traditional retainers often complain about headaches, but this is something that is highly unlikely to happen with Invisalign.

Is this treatment right for you?

Generally speaking, this type of braces is going to provide you with faster results meaning that you won’t have to wear them for a long period of time. However, you should keep in mind that these are not right for everyone. Yes, they can correct some smaller imperfections like the ones that we have already mentioned, but in some more drastic cases, metal ones are probably the best solution.

If you are thinking about getting these, you cannot do anything before consulting with your orthodontist. They are going to suggest to you the best course of treatment and since these are custom-made for every individual, you will have to do a series of scans so that they could be designed perfectly.

Plan all the meals

Okay, since these have to stay on for about 20 hours every day, you are not going to have much time to eat as you are used to. If you enjoy sipping your morning coffee for an hour while making breakfast and getting ready for work, then you should forget about doing this. Also, you will not be able to snack frequently, but on the bright side, you are going to lower the calorie intake and lose some weight. There is always a silver lining when you look for it.

Get a travel toothbrush

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When we were kids, our parents taught us to brush teeth after every meal and before we go to bed. However, when you get Invisalign, you are going to have to take oral hygiene to an entirely new level. By no means should you put this retainer on if you haven’t thoroughly brushed and flossed? If you don’t do this well, the chances are that some food leftovers are going to stay between your teeth and when you put the brakes on, they are going to be trapped. As you know, this can cause a cavity and deterioration.

It is going to whiten your teeth

Even though these are created to strengthen your teeth, they are going to whiten them also. No, they do not come with some sort of gel that you will have to put on. Just think about it. Since you are going to improve your oral hygiene and lower the intake of food, coffee, and wine which can leave stains, in the end, you are going to have white, beautiful pearls.

All in all, these are some major things that you have to know about Invisalign. When it comes to the price and the length of treatment, it is all individual, so you should schedule a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible.