Essentials Of A Kitchen Design

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Food is the essence of life. We cannot survive without food. On the other hand, we cannot be happy without good food. One of our primary inner desires is to have good food and comfort food at home is a must. To make good, we need one. So, we can understand how great it is, in the overall layout of our home. No matter how small but we do need one in our home.

About Kitchen

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It is part of a room used for food preparation and cooking in a commercial establishment or a dwelling. A middle-class residential home gallery has a stove, sinks with running water, worktops, cabinets, and refrigerator. It is sometimes used as a dining hall too in case of absence of separate dining space. Proper designing of the cooking is essential to get the maximum benefits out of it. The main functions of a gallery are preparing, storing, and cooking food. These, in commercial establishments are generally larger than modular home ones. They are also usually equipped with more heavy pieces of equipment than a residential one. These ones are designed to feed a large number of people at one time. There are many types of cuisines, and history shows us the slow evolution of the galleries through the ages. One thing is for sure that the design of the kitchen has changed a lot over time, and it still is changing to become more comfortable and functional.

Evolution of Kitchen Design

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According to Livspace the design is not a new thing. From a long time back, people have tried to design a model one based on early ergonomics where the plans included regular shelves, walls, and ample work-place. Various principles have also been used over the ages to design kitchens in the most efficient ways possible. One of the most famous designs is by Schutte-Lihotzky for the famous Frankfurt Kitchen. This one was for Ernst May’s Romerstadt, a social housing project.

The three primary functions in a gallery are storage, preparation, and cooking. This aspect is the Kitchen Work Triangle. The places for these functions should be arranged properly so that none of these functions interfere with each other. The natural arrangement is a triangle which has the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove at a vertex each. These observations led to the design of a few kitchen forms by the arrangement of cabinets, sink, stove, and refrigerator.

  • L- type- In this design, the cabinets occupy two adjacent walls with space for an additional table at a third wall
  • U-type- There are cabinets along three walls with a sink at the base.
  • G- type- Like the u-type, there are cabinets along three walls, and also there is the fourth wall with a double basin sink at the corner.
  • Block- type- It is a more recent development and found in open kitchens. In block ones, the stove, or both the stove and sink are placed where an L or U type would have a table, separated from other cabinets in a free-standing “island.”
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Modern galleries now have enough space for people to eat in it without using the dining room. These are “breakfast areas.”

Attractive Kitchen designs can vary by region and country also. For example, the most common pieces of equipment in Chinese ones are woks, steamers, and pots, and the design of their gallery is a bit different from the traditional, modern ones.

Designing a Kitchen

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This is not simple. Many things have to be kept in mind to develop an excellent modularkitchen. Firstly, the space allotted for the gallery is to be noted because a lot of pieces of equipment need to be fir in that space and in the best and most efficient way possible. One of the most important thing or point which needs to be in mind is the water source for the sink. The water system of a house is in a definite plan. Thus the kitchen has to be designed, keeping it in mind as the sink is an essential work-place in it. Just net to the sink should be the working place so that it is easy to prepare the mise-en-place and also use the water in the most accessible way. Also, while cooking even water, there is a requirement of water which can be easily accessible from the sink. The shelves should be well aligned so that it is easy to take the cooking utensils quickly. The stove should also be in the middle of all the works as it is the central cooking spot.

End Notes

The kitchen is one of the essential rooms in our household. It is where the food gets prepared, and sometimes we eat and entertain there. Thus designing a proper kitchen is very necessary to utilize the space allotted for the kitchen fully and in the most practical way possible.