Essential Home Repairs You Shouldn’t Put Off

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Nowadays, doing on-time home repairs is always interconnected with time, a valuable resource so many of us don’t have in abundance. Unfortunately, leaving the little problems for later might create even more serious ones in the long run. For this reason, you should timely realize that some issues must be tackled as soon as possible so as to not be caught off guard by expensive and frustrating home damages and malfunctions. Whether you choose to act as a DIY enthusiast or call professional help, here are some of the repairs that you shouldn’t put off at any time:


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According to PVCworkshop caulking isn’t an expensive task, but it’s often neglected and even forgotten as regular home maintenance. However, it’s essential for keeping water out of your windows, doors, sinks, bathtubs and other areas where water can leak and drip into your house. Basically, caulking helps prevent water damage around the points that are most vulnerable. Therefore, a quick inspection for cracks, bubbles, holes or caulking that has separated should be conducted at least once or twice a year. By doing this, you’ll ensure minimal costs for repair. On the other hand, fixing potential water damage may cost you a lot more than simple caulking.

Roof Maintenance

Secondly, roofs are also one of the regular home problems and a leaky roof is often the case in houses. Structural damage and mold are some of the more serious problems and it’s vital that you address roof leaks immediately because roof repair costs are no joke. Most importantly, not taking the needed precautions on time may damage your entire house severely – a roof leak can quickly spread to the roof’s structural components and lead to additional headaches later.

Foundation Maintenance and Repair

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Finding your basement flooded is certainly not a very pleasant experience. However, if your basement floods after every rain or it’s always moist and damp, then you should investigate the foundation of your home for any problems. The reason for the worry is that water usually seeps into the gaps in your foundation which may eventually cause it to expand and contract which will make it uneven and cracking. Because foundation repairs are enormously costly, it’s important to check yours on time so as to take the required steps to solve the problem if you notice any issues.

Chimney Sweeping

If you’re using the good old fireplace for heating your home, you should always keep your chimney clean. Generally, it’s suggested that you do a regular cleaning before each winter season – so this means that chimney sweeping should be conducted once a year. Hiring a professional chimney sweep will make sure your chimney is free of creosote, bird nests, and other flammables.

Change Your Air Filter

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In addition to chimneys, aircon filters should also be cleaned regularly. Obviously, dirty air filters obstruct the smooth operation of HVAC systems which increases your electricity bills in the long run. Replacing the air filters regularly will surely extend your aircon’s life and also save you a lot of money on repairs and new air conditioning units. As this task barely counts as a repair, you can easily do it by yourself by checking your system’s filter for dirt and debris. If it’s visibly clogged, you can easily replace it with a new one for several bucks from your local hardware store.

Pest Problems

Another unwanted problem, pests can be quite annoying but termites have the potential to virtually destroy your home. The bad thing is that most homeowners’ insurances don’t cover termite damage, which means you’ll really have to pay close attention to what’s going on in your home. If there are discarded wing casings, clicking sounds in the walls, hollow or rotted-out wood and blisters in the wood flooring, you must call an exterminator immediately as you’ll surely need someone with professional tools and expertise to deal with the nasty pests.

Plumbing Leaks in Tubs

According to, choosing your tub is essential and to avoid any leaks and potential problems you need to find the best possible tub. In case of leaks, your entire bathroom can be flooded. Hiring a professional local plumbing service to fix your leaks may do the job for you and will ensure that you’ll have few problems in the future.

Paint Job Maintenance

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Of course, fresh paints always make your home looks beautiful and nice. However, the most important point of repainting is to keep your house dry and rot-free. If your home’s paint is peeling off, this means it’s time to scrap it and start repainting.

Drainage Problems

Since it’s important to keep your basement and foundation dry and properly-maintained, it’s critical that your gutter and drainage system is in healthy working order. Clogged gutters and downspouts and improper grading can lead to drainage problems that may put your home’s foundation at risk and it’s vital that you tackle the problem as soon as possible. Installing gutter guards on your gutters is a good way to keep things flowing smoothly. Also, make sure that your downspouts are clear and they drain at a sufficiently far place from the house.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are quite a few problems at home that shouldn’t be left for later. Of course, most homeowners don’t have the required time to deal with every repair personally. Fortunately, you can always make a to-do list and hire professional contractors or handyman services to fix your home in no time and with expertise. If you’re looking for a quality handyman service in your area, SGHomeNeeds is a platform offering handyman services in Singapore. After all, it’s always better to call a professional and be on the safe side than neglecting or mishandling an essential home repair.