Ero Seagull – Talented Singer and Composer from Greece

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Ero Segull is a singer and composer from Greece. She is half Greek and half Canadian, and she currently lives in Athens. Her music is mostly pop and hip-hop with a lot of influence from 90s music, but in combination with a modern sound.

Ero is interested in music since her childhood. She started learning to play the piano and singing when she was six years old. Some of her best achievements in music are competing in The Peoples Music Awards in London, Unison, and Craters in the Moon.

Her first bigger performance was at the Scala venue. Also, she was performing her compositions at the World Festival of Music and Drama in Lahore. The name of the play is First Blush of Spring.

Style and Influence

The style of this young artist goes in many ways, from modern to some 90s vintage pop sound. Also, she likes hip-hop music, and there is a lot of influence from that culture as we can hear in some of her tracks.

However, she is trying to be original and to have music related to the theme of the song. Furthermore, unlike many musicians today, she is putting the lyrics of the song in the first place, so she is not trying to be too commercial.

Her songs are in English and Greek language, and usually, they represent some sort of Electronic Dance, but she also has some ballads and funky rock style in some of her songs. For example, the song Christmas in Hollis represents a classic 90s style pop song, while Here We Are Entertain Us Mastered is some sort of funk.

Discography and Latest Album

It is interesting when some musician is experimenting with different styles and genres, and Ero Segull is a perfect example of that. Each one of her songs has some special vibe, which may be awakened by a different feeling.

Her song Choose Love, with Daphne BlueBird, is some sort of R’n’B, while Rosebud is a hip-hop track. The song Gospel represents a 90s style song, which is a style that Ero Segull prefers the most. This one, along with What’s In A Romeo featuring Leon Rhymes, and some other tracks are going to be on her first album, the Evolution.

The debut album Evolution was released June with the EMI Universal label. There are eleven songs in this album that were written and arranged during a year that she spent in Athens, in two studios, The Cave Studio, and studio Future Perfect.

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The themes of songs are various just like the genres. In the album Evolution, we can hear hip-hop sound, electro, funk, and various mixes of different genres which makes these tracks quite original. Also, the themes are about love, world, happiness, there is a song about Jesus and looking to live through his perspective. Furthermore, there is a song about life from the perspective of Romeo, from the popular tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.

This singer gained popularity very quickly, especially because of the song The Gospel, and popular music platform, the Soundcloud, where this song reached around 30,000 plays in a short period of time.

The popularity of that song led to some more interest from the publicity for her and her life, and she had an interview in the radio show Dopeness. Also, the radio station H3, from Canada promoted her and gave her a title as an artist of the week. Furthermore, her tracks Here We Are Entertain Us, and What`s in A Romeo can often be heard in Greek radio stations, along with a Choose Love and Achilles Heel.

There are a lot of positive comments and feedback on her music and unique style from the public. She represents a refreshment for the music scene, especially when we have too many similar or same artists with some commercial versions of hip-hop music. Ero Segull is a prove that artists can still find a way to be original and unique in their own way.