How the Solar Brand in India Is Stepping Continuously Towards Encouraging Green Energy?


How the solar brand in India is stepping continuously towards encouraging Green Energy?

There is a global trend to find alternatives to reduce dependence on fossil fuels to generate electricity. In this context is green energy, energy sources with low environmental impact.

Want to know more? Here we will show you everything about green energy and also how companies can increase the consumption of this resource.

What is green energy?


Green energy is energy that has a low impact on the environment, being generated through renewable sources, such as wind and solar. These energy sources are also considered alternatives to the use of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas.

Such resources are finite and highly polluting, as burning releases a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere, which contributed to the increase in the greenhouse effect and, consequently, global warming as well. Therefore, the encouragement of green energy sources is gaining more and more strength around the world.

Solar energy

It is the most abundant and available natural resource on the entire planet; the sunlight.

Source of energy and heat indispensable to life on earth, sunlight also allows the generation of electrical energy through two different types of technology: photovoltaic panels.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy:  is the transformation of solar radiation directly into electric current through photovoltaic cells, which make up the modules (or photovoltaic plates), which are exposed to sunlight.

This technology, in addition to being used in large solar plant projects, is now spread to millions of homes and businesses around the world through so-called grid-connected photovoltaic systems that integrate distributed energy generation.

Photovoltaic solar systems have great durability

They are not easily damaged and are made to withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions. Therefore, they can work for decades without any problems, which is why most solar panels on the market have a 25-year performance guarantee. The whole solar power systems usually have a lifespan of up to 30-50 years. To ensure system longevity as well as profitability, users need to choose high-quality equipment from reputable brands, properly constructed. Photovoltaic panels are increasingly being improved in performance; users should choose panels with high efficiency, provided by reputable units to ensure system quality.

What is solar panel efficiency?


When choosing solar panels, in addition to the production and distribution unit, the capacity and efficiency of the panels are the most important technical data. So what is panel efficiency? Solar panel efficiency is the ratio between electrical energy generated and sunlight energy. It is possible to understand what solar panel efficiency is through the following practical example: at noon, the sun radiates heat about 1,000W/m2 per hour. If the photovoltaic panel has an area of ​​​​1m2 and is 10% efficient, it will generate 100W of electricity per hour. If the photovoltaic module has an efficiency of 20%, the area of ​​​​1 m2 will generate 200W of electricity per hour.

So why should you pay attention to solar panel efficiency? If you compare two panels of the same size, whichever panel is more efficient will produce a larger capacity. Therefore, in the same installation area (on household roofs, factory roofs, offices…), if you choose high-performance panels, the system capacity will be higher, generating more electricity. Currently, scientists are increasingly optimizing the efficiency of panels. You can refer to some high-performance photovoltaic batteries from best Solar battery manufacturer. Since, solar battery plays an important role in Solar Panels Systems India, it becomes important to know deeply about the batteries, their brands, their performance and their durability.

There are many brands of solar batteries, accounting for a large number, especially supplying for solar farm projects, are solar battery brands from China such as Jinko solar cells. , Trina, JA…, solar cell brands with manufacturing and assembly factories in India.

What should be the cost of Solar panels?

Production on automatic robot lines: Most of the world’s leading Solar brands produce on automatic lines to minimize manual errors in the production process. The product quality inspection process is also strictly applied by manufacturers at each stage and conducts many tests to control the best product quality before being put on the market.

Quality of aluminum frame, glass, and EVA layer, wiring box…: Although these components have little effect on the quality of PV panels, usually, with high quality PVs, manufacturers always focus on the quality of PV panels to bring the best product. Users can perceive by the senses such as aluminum frames and thick, solid glass; the back membrane is not thin and wrinkled…

How to choose to buy high quality solar panels?


Because the quality of photovoltaic panels (PV panels) cannot be assessed with the naked eye, performance and durability need to be proven over time, so to choose to buy high quality PV panels, users should:

Choose a reputable supplier: Users should choose a reputable supplier to make sure that the system uses genuine products with a Certificate of Origin (CO – Certificate of Origin), Certificate of Quality (CO). CQ – Certificate of Quality) full. Choosing a reputable supplier not only helps users feel secure about the origin and quality of products, but also ensures warranty benefits. In the solar power system, PV panels have the highest value. Therefore, when the product has a problem that the supplier does not support the warranty according to the manufacturer’s policy, the user will have to bear a lot of damage.

The above is information to help you better understands what solar energy is and its applications in life, especially about the solar power system – a way of exploiting solar energy. Increasingly popular today. If you need more information about solar power or need advice on installing solar power, feel free to contact the best solar brand in India.

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