Eight Timeless Ways to Decorate Holiday Home

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As seasons change, new trends come along. For this reason, it might be hard to know the right decorations to use in your home. In this piece, we have covered some of the best timeless ways to decorate your holiday home. Note that while we have dwelled on timeless techniques, you can always get some inspiration from trends as they come and go. The tips shared in this piece can also be used to design your dream home into a place that you would love to spend the rest of your life.

1. Arrange around a Focal Point

Image source: franquicias-de-internet.info

If your room is well-designed, then it must have a focal point. This is usually the part of the room that draws your attention as soon as you step in. These focal points provide rooms with a sense of cohesion and purpose.

Most homes have fireplaces and built-in shelving as their focal points. They make it easier for you to style your room. Better still, you can use some artwork to create your own focal point. You can also use things like pieces of statement furniture or a feature wall.

2. Pick a Tried-and-True Color Scheme

Try to pick the right color scheme for your house. Failure to do this might deny your house the beauty it deserves. You need to feature in some colors that you like. Be careful not to get a color that will get boring a few weeks or months later. This is the best way to skip the long tiring paint swatches.

Neutrals will never go out of style, just try not to play it safe with some beige. It is advisable to try some color combinations like brown and green, charcoal and cream, or indigo and bright white.

3. Be Careful With Furniture Choices

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Though furniture might play ordinary functions in your house, they also speak volumes about your home and style. This is why you need to be careful when selecting furniture for your house. You will learn that some furniture is designed in a way that has made them stand the test of time.

Even in the current time, you can never go wrong with some Chesterfield sofas and wingback chairs, even though they have been around for the longest time. The canopy beds are also as comfortable and fancy as what you would find in a modern furniture store.

4. Install Some Timeless Fixtures

Fixtures are the essentials parts of both your interiors and exteriors. Therefore, they have to be provided with as much consideration as your furniture and many other decorations. Good examples of timeless fixtures are Clawfoot tubs. They look as beautiful in the vintage-inspired home just like they do in modern homes.

Try to go for some quality fixtures that are designed with classic shapes. Be careful not to pick fixtures with styles that look more like passing trends. You should also have some fixtures outside your house. It is a great way to announce the style of your home to the entire world. Even with these ones, you must be careful when picking what would best blend with the overall style of your composite decking, as explained by Ultra Decking UK.

5. Factor in a Great Rag

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Rugs can be really great when used on top of carpeting. They are a creative way to add in some visual effects to your house. They have a way to make your interiors to feel more cool and welcoming. If you have a theme color in your room, try to use rugs to complement the overall beauty that will make you fall in love with your house. It is worth noting that oriental rugs are some of the best decorations that can match any room. Depending on the overall design of your house, make sure that you take your time when picking the right rug to the add-in.

6. Hide Electronics

Maybe you have some outdated electronics, but they serve you well, and you are not planning to get new ones soon. Consider hiding them a little bit so that they stop dating your room. Most of the time, you find that electronics evolve so much, and you might not keep up with the pace. This is a challenge for which you have to find the most affordable solution.

You can make your space look modern by disguising the electronics whenever you can. Get rid of exposed wires and use decorated shelving to surround your electronics.

7. Add in Some Personality Without Clutter

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People should see your personality through your home. Too much clutter will make your room look overcrowded, hence making it even more tired after a few years. Even as you work on this, make sure that you do not turn your home into a museum of your past. It would be wise for you to pick decorations and designs with a purpose behind them. If you find things that you like, first think about how you can best add them to your existing design.

8. Some Trends You Like Won’t Hurt

Even as we try to avoid short-term trends, you can add in a few of them that might match the overall design of your home and personality. You will learn that some of them make you happy, so it is worth it. You can throw in some trends like pillows, or even centerpieces. They will look awesome if done right. Also, if you add only small trends to your house, you will have an easy time swapping them without having to change everything in your house.


The tips shared in this guide can be used in any home. If your home has some composite decking board, you can find vintage furniture that suits the well. This is important to mention as the composite decking board has received so much buzz in the home improvement industry. Today, it is hard to walk into a home without finding some composite decking in the exterior spaces. But it is highly durable.