8 Ways eCommerce Automation Will Revolutionize Your Business

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We live in a time of fast internet, frequent daily development of technology, where more and more transactions are being transformed from paper and tangible forms to computer one’s networks. Queues have been replaced for the most part by online stores, the customer said enabled payment of bills through various applications, and getting the desired goods in just a few clicks makes everyday life easier.

Development of information technology, trade mediation the Internet, or e-commerce (electronic commerce), has become a worthy rival conventional mode of trading, and in the years to come it gained, then unthinkable the extent of popularity and the breadth of global use. Ease of transactions, indefiniteness, availability of information and data on desired items, leaving the boundaries of geographical limitations, savings time, the possibility of comfortable buying and selling, minimizing the cost of purchase and shipping, and reducing the space for the gray economy are a sufficient number of reasons to justify the level the popularity that e-commerce enjoys with the modern consumer.

E-commerce has disadvantages and advantages. Disadvantages, such as the inability to physically contact the product before buying or complications with online payments, mistrust or fraud, are relatively easy to resolve because, given the many benefits that e-commerce has for business, retailers have sought to address issues affecting or could possibly affect the fact that customers do not buy through e-commerce. If we talk about the benefits, keep quoting.

Easy availability

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The opportunities for customers that e-commerce offers are really numerous. First and foremost, the simplicity and speed of buying and selling the desired item. The modern man is overworked, and his free time is precious. E-commerce offers him the opportunity to save time he would spend on the way to the store and wait in the long, long queues. By purchasing items online, that time is saved, as well as the cost of travel to the point of sale.

When comparing traditional and e-commerce, Internet business is preferred because of the modernization of life and business. The Internet is offered as a cheaper and more flexible option than traditional trade because it provides the possibility of integrating the business to a larger number of customers, suppliers, partners, manufacturers, which allows for more flexible cooperation.

Surely you are already familiar with the many platforms that deliver goods around the world. This is exactly the advantage of this type of sale. In this way, the population of developing countries and those from rural areas are enabled to buy products and services that are not otherwise available to them.

E-commerce will grow between 13 and 25% in the coming years

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It is believed that this type of trade has not yet reached its peak, although its popularity is growing every day, especially in the last two years since the COVID-19 pandemic, which restricted our movement. According to some surveys, more than 80% of users have bought something online at least once.

Mobile shop

This technology is the basis for new great development opportunities of the Internet and e-business based on it. M-store helps the business to improve its competitive position towards the customer based on its specific attributes such as presence in any place and at any time, the convenience of application, interactivity, personalization, localization. Mobile commerce currently accounts for 40% of all eCommerce activities and there are no signs that mobile phone sales growth will decline due to the simplicity and many benefits it provides.

Electronic auctions

This is something we are increasingly encountering when it comes to e-commerce. It’s an electronic auction a business model in which participants offer products and services over the Internet. Such a shape. Electronic commerce is characterized by a lot of potential customers, a high degree of uncertainty, and high-speed execution. People who are interested and willing buy something by auction send their price bids (bids) for certain items. Participants can periodically or continuously monitor or review how the auction is going, and what is the highest bid. This is the perfect way to attract as many customers as possible.

Insight into product quality

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For many, online shopping is a delicate matter because you can never be completely sure of the quality of a product. On the other hand, what makes your choice easier is reading reviews because it makes it so easy to get information about the item and the provider, and helps you decide whether to decide to buy or not.

Working hours 24/7

Online stores are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which means that the customer can get to the desired item anytime and anywhere, simply by using a laptop, tablet, PC, or in most cases, using smartphones.


Chatbots are services that the customer can communicate with via the chat interface. It is a form of appropriate technology that combines business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and messaging across a given platform. The goal is to interact with customers in order to respond to inquiries and customer support. If you want to learn more about this useful option you can click on fulfillbot.com.

Adaptation to consumers

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One way to adapt to consumers is to personalize the shopping experience. By collecting consumer data, such as past searches, purchases, and demographics, companies can anticipate consumer buying habits and adjust the offer to suit their specific needs. E-commerce,, for SMEs offers many new opportunities in the way and development of the business as well as strengthening the position not only nationally and in the global market.

Final thoughts

The impact of e-commerce on agriculture is crucial for the future. Large companies are usually the first to use new technologies and adopt an electronic philosophy, but this is not an obstacle for small companies, as internet barriers are negligible. The expansion of e-commerce is not the same for all countries. The US is the leading country, Europe has the best level of development, with large differences between developed and developing countries.