6 Best Eco Friendly Cars in Canada

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Do you want to be an environmentally conscious automobile owner?

Then you might fancy the idea of owning an eco friendly car in Canada. The adoption of hybrid vehicles in the country has been impressively high in the last decade. While 33% of Canadians are willing to settle for an electric car, 20% are going for cars that won’t run out of fuel completely.

As we continue to march toward a sustainable future, these figures will rise further. Naturally, you would like to own an electric or hybrid car to mitigate the carbon footprint on the environment.

However, electric cars and hybrid vehicles tend to be more expensive to insure. Established insurance experts like Surex can help you shortlist the best policies to cover your new electric car.

Before presenting the best eco friendly cars in Canada to assist you in making your choice, let’s explore why these cars attract high insurance costs.

Why are eco-friendly cars expensive to insure?

On average, repairing an electric vehicle would cost you 3% more than ICE (internal combustion engine) cars.

Also, when you replace parts in your EV, you would end up forking out 2.7% extra for the components. These are sophisticated automobiles designed for low emissions. However, the complex electrical systems in these cars cause the repair costs to shoot up.

At the same time, the collision repair workshops need to train their staff to handle electric and hybrid cars. Connected EVs also call for upgraded network requirements. The technicians need sophisticated equipment for calibrating and scanning these cars.

Naturally, reputed insurers would consider EVs as a risky asset. While comparing the claims originating from ICE vehicles, they conclude that EV repairs tend to be more expensive. Compared to ordinary vehicles, the battery replacement cost is higher in EVs. No wonder why you would end up paying higher premiums on insurance for eco friendly cars in Canada.

What are the best eco-friendly cars in Canada?

Source: autotrainingcentre.com

1. Toyota Prius Hybrid

The Toyota Prius Hybrid boasts an impressive driving range – more than a thousand kilometres. With constant innovations, Toyota has revolutionized the EV market. The Toyota Prius has the longest driving range with its hybrid and electric versions.

Another factor that makes the Toyota Prius one of the best EVs is the short charging time. At $28,850, the base model of the Toyota Prius is relatively affordable. Thanks to the exceptional driving range and performance, this car ranks first on our list.

2. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

The uniqueness of the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid car lies in the fact that you can run it for as long as 47 Km in EV mode. The cabin space looks spacious, and you would love the comfortable interiors. The car also comes integrated with plenty of safety features and advanced technologies.

However, this car has a large battery, so you need to compromise the truck space. At $40,199, the base model price looks moderate. The versatility of this car fetches it a spot on our list.

3. Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

One of the most popular eco friendly cars in Canada, the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid is an SUV ideal for off-roading. Although most people consider it a gas-powered car, a plug-in powertrain under the hood makes it an EV. This car is capable of travelling around 27 Km in its EV mode.

This is a powerful all-wheel-drive vehicle. The ground clearance is pretty good, which makes the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid an ideal pick for rough wintery conditions or off-roading. This car will suit your needs if you are looking for a good mix of spaciousness and comfort. At $42,000, the base price of this powerful car looks justified.

4. Honda Insight Hybrid

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Car owners with a fascination for sporty models would like the Honda Insight Hybrid. This car is similar to the Toyota Prius but tends to be sportier. Besides the performance and powerful engine, people love its aesthetically appealing looks.

The performance of the Honda Insight is more like a gas-powered vehicle rather than an electric car. You would appreciate the excellent kick and handling of the model. Compared to the average hybrid car, this one tends to make more noise. However, at $28,490, the base model looks quite decent. So, Canadians looking for a powerful eco friendly car should check out the Honda Insight Hybrid.

5. Kia Optima Hybrid

Looking for a hybrid sedan that would comply with your environmentally-conscious ethics? The Kia Optima Hybrid would be a good pick, considering its safety and reliability. The manufacturer has integrated this hybrid car with incredible technology. Most importantly, owners need not burn a hole in their pockets. With a base price of $30,995, the car happens to be a prime pick for car enthusiasts looking for a plethora of modern features in their vehicle.

The car comes with heated front seats. Other safety features include a blind spot detection mechanism with a 360-degree monitoring system using the camera.

6. Ford Fusion SE Hybrid

Source: edmunds.com

Perfectly balancing comfort, space, and safety, this hybrid model from Ford has proven to be an affordable eco friendly car. While the new models are available for $29,000, you can get a 2018 model for as low as $20,000. Right from handling to safety, the car would fulfill your aspirations.

You would also appreciate the sophisticated cabin features and sporty performance. With an intuitive infotainment setup, the Ford Fusion SE Hybrid has proven to be a user-friendly model.


Regardless of the model you settle for, insuring an eco-friendly car would cost you considerably higher. This explains why you need to consult with one of the leading insurance experts in Canada. While owning an EV or a hybrid car brings you the respective privileges, you need not break your bank while covering it from the perils.

The experienced insurance brokers at Surex can help you compare the most relevant policies from leading insurers. Depending on your requirements, the professionals recommend the best package to ensure affordability. It pays to have the experts around when you choose something as serious as your car’s insurance!