7 Quick Eating Tips for the Busy College Students

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A true college student, in our opinion, is recognized by three things: a huge stack of books (or its digitized twin: desktop folders full of e-books)‚ an extreme coffee obsession or dependence‚ and an acute shortage of time.

All three of these pose one problem. If you have so much to read‚ and keep on intaking caffeine to cut down on the sleep time‚ then your eating habits ought to be messed up.

Eating properly and on time is important not only for your physical health‚ but also for your mental growth. This is crucial for doing well in college. So, if you want to ace the upcoming exams, give some attention to what you eat.

Because attention requires time and college students are short on just that, we have compiled a list of quick eating tips for college students, so they can eat well, and save time to study as well.

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1. Breakfast on-the-go

Studies show that having breakfast in the morning is linked to improved concentration throughout the day, which is likely to affect the quality of performance on tests. This means that even if you have early morning classes, skipping breakfast to save time is not your best bet.

So, if you can’t afford to sit down and eat your morning breakfast, you can always grab something from the fridge to eat on your way to college.

Quick eatables like a bag of granola and dry fruits can easily be stored in bulk, even without a fridge. If you have a tiny dorm room and are short on space, some good storage deals for furniture and college self storage deals can help you in storing the non-essential things to make more room for the breakfast goodies.  Check www.bystored.com and find more information about it.

2. Packed Lunches

Most college students spend the afternoon time at the college campus. This is the time, where the energy that you had gained from breakfast, is used up to a significant degree.

Having back-to-back classes should not make you skip lunch. Pack your lunches over the weekend. Clear up your mind and your space by making use of college self storage, and then invest in some kitchen gadgets.

Some people will tell you that keeping grills and pans is not a good idea for students who are short on storage space, but we say that it is an essential for preparing lunches.

Storage deals for furniture can help you move the big and not-so-useful furniture out of your way. Say bye to the old stack of notes and the out-of-season clothes by availing college self storage options and say hi to paninis, wraps, and the good old sandwiches.

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3. Quick and Easy Snack Options

Like bad weather, hunger can strike anytime, anywhere. For this reason, it is crucial to keep some ready-to-eat products with you. This can include a bar of chocolate, a packet of crisps, dry fruits, nuts, and even a piece of fruit!

If you are looking for healthier options, then make the snack yourself. How about some home-baked granola bars? Consider getting an oven by freeing up some space around your room.

If this idea appeals to you, you are most likely excited by the thought of freshly baked bread and being the one baking it. College self storage comes to the rescue of all such baking enthusiasts. Bake in large batches over the weekend.

Who knows that you might end up providing other students with quick and easy snack options, and yourself, with a source of income!

4. Takeaways for Some Guilty Indulgence

Some days are just lazy; you don’t feel like being healthy or productive. But guess what? It is okay! As college students, it is natural to get drained out and be low on energy. For such gloomy days, picking up a takeaway or even ordering a delicious meal can help boost your mood.

So don’t shy away from investing in a good restaurant prepared meal. A thirty-minute delivery time is not going to mess up your schedule.

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5. College Cafes

The most obvious option. If the café at your college is not too far from the building that you have your class in, then walking to the café should not be too time consuming. Most cafés have pre-prepared meals and snacks, you can quickly munch on those to save the day.

And if you have some more time to spare, then order a nutritious meal and wait for a few minutes till it’s ready. You can work on your laptop and read your book while you wait.

6. Dining at Home

This one does require some more time and effort (and even space), but it is the only way to curb the nostalgia attached to your childhood memories of dining at your grandmother’s.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time in attempting to relive those memories. Invest your time once, by getting rid of the old furniture (or storing it in a college self storage and looking up some storage deals for furniture) and placing a dining table in your room.

Then begin the luxury cooking. Or order some healthy dinner to save time. Instant noodles and microwave brownies can come to the rescue when you are extremely short on time.

Having space to eat your dinner at home peacefully should be the norm, and we think college self-storage is making it possible by helping people clear out their spaces.

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7. A Quick Friends’ Day Out?

No one can deny the power of a good restaurant dining experience with friends. You might think that it takes up so much of your time but really, think of it this way: you restore your energy in that one day to be used up later by the daunting assignments.

Going out to eat once a month with friends can be a good idea. It does not have to take your whole day. Just spend a few hours in the name of a study break. You deserve it!


These 7 quick eating tips, if applied, can help any busy college student in organizing their time more efficiently and in gaining the much needed energy from meals throughout the day. So, we have provided a solution for the three problems faced by students that we mentioned in the beginning of the article.

A fourth most common problem for students nowadays is lack of space to keep their essential belongings. The solution for that is no doubt college self storage.

A lot of storage deals for furniture and other items can help you in storing the things that you need to put away for the time being. The best part is that college self storage is not very expensive. In fact, some college self storage providers even pick up your stuff for a small cost.

This means that busy college students who do not even have ample time to eat, need not worry about spending their time in traveling for college self storage.