E – Liquids Tasting Bad? Here’s Why

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Cigarettes, as a rule of thumb, taste bad. So, when people jump ship and start to use vape products, they are amazed at how dramatically different the smoking experience can be. E liquids are available in a significant range of flavors, which can be a breath of fresh air. You go from toxic, potent tasting and smelling cigarette smoke, to something often refreshing and satisfying.

However, from time to time, your E-liquid can start to taste bad. You get so used to pleasant flavors like apple, raspberry, or vanilla, that you definitely notice when something’s not quite right. What could be causing your E liquids to taste bad? Read on to find out.

The Wick is Dry

Inside the atomizer of vape products is a wick. When the wick gets dry, it can lead to a bad taste, and also damage to the atomizer in your vape products. Make sure you always have enough E-liquid in your atomizer. If you use a top coil tank, tilt the tank before you vape to ensure the wick is wet.

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An Old Atomizer / Coil

Coils and atomizers in your vape products don’t last forever. Over time, you may notice that your E-liquid doesn’t taste as nice as it once did and that it almost tastes as if it is burnt. If it’s not a dry wick that’s causing the problem, then it might be the age of your coil.

Head to your local vape products store in New Zealand and buy a new packet of coils. You will then need to remove the old one and “prime” your new coil head to reduce the risk of it burning. If you need help with this process, refer to your vape products manual, or ask your Vapourium local shop attendant.

Your Vape Product’s Temperature

Sometimes, the taste of burning or oddness in your E-liquid and vape products has to do with your vape device. Burnt or dry hits are common but are less likely to occur if you can control the temperature. You can now buy vape products that offer this very feature. Some vape products boast a temperature control mod that you can use with nickel, steel, or titanium coils.

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Your Vape Product’s Wattage

If the wattage of your vape product is too high, you can experience a burnt taste when you vape. A burnt coil or burnt taste goes hand in hand with a vape product with wattage that’s too high. The lower the wattage, the least likely this is to happen. Why not have a chat with your local vape products supplier in New Zealand to find out what device might be right for you?

You’ve Chosen the Wrong Flavor

In 2014, there were nearly 8,000 E-liquid flavors on the market. With vaping popularity growing by the day, there are possibly thousands more. With so many options, it’s not out of the question for you to choose a vape E-liquid that’s not right for you. Sometimes, they just aren’t to your liking, and in your eyes, taste bad.

If the reason your E-liquid tastes bad is that it’s not to your tastes, then you don’t have to give up vaping for good. It can take some time and research to get the right recipe for a positive vaping experience.

Think about the flavor you didn’t like. Was it the taste that didn’t work for you, or the type of E-liquid which caused a sensation you didn’t like? Freebase nicotine can feel harsh on your throat, whereas nicotine salts are quite smooth. Then there are sweet and savory flavors that may or may not work for you.

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Many people choose their E liquids based on the closeness to the cigarette smoking experience. Their goal is to mimic smoking, and the closer the E-liquid has to the taste of cigarettes, the easier they will find it to quit. There are hundreds of options in this range, so it can be a case of trying some out to see if they work for you.

If you enjoy funky and fruity flavors, then choosing something that’s not that might make you think that your E-liquid is bad. While there is possibly nothing wrong with the E-liquid, it doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth.

What to Do Next

E-liquid can taste bad for many reasons. Your wick might be burnt; you might need to change your atomizer, the wattage or temperature doesn’t work for you, or you chose a flavor or E-liquid type that doesn’t suit. You may not find a solution right away, but it can be a process of elimination to find the cause. Talk to your local vape products supplier if you need a helping hand with anything to do with vaping.