E-Learning During the Quarantine – Top 8 Online Resources in 2024

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Technology has left a mark on every imaginable field you can think of, and education is no exception. Gone are the days when you had no option but to get physically admitted to a university or college and attend classes to be awarded a degree or certificate. Nowadays, all you need is an avid thirst for learning and a stable internet connection, and you can absolutely learn anything online. The fact that you can literally find anything online these days does make our lives more convenient.

The rise of the eLearning industry is not showing any signs of slowing down, especially during this quarantine period. More and more people, institutions, organizations(such as LegitimateEssayWriting), and educators are investing in eLearning resources to gain more knowledge and grow as professionals. Below are seven stellar online resources that you need to bookmark if you want to stay focused and productive during this coronavirus pandemic period without leaving the comfort of your home.


Coursera is a hub for digital learners, boasting hundreds of courses from the best universities worldwide. Also, for learners who wish to explore a subject in detail, Coursera offers complete specializations. Depending on your schedule, you are allowed to take and submit homework assignments, tests, and exams whenever you are available. On successful completion of courses, you are awarded a certificate, signifying your achievement. The only negative thing is that since every course is accompanied by limited time, you can’t learn at your own pace.

JanBask Training

JanBask Training is a globally trusted e-learning learning platform, equipping beginners to professionals to corporate groups with end-to-end learnings around industries powerful & prevalent skills – Salesforce, QA, Business Analysis, AWS, DevOps, Data Science, Tableau, SQL and many more. The team helps the career conscious individuals transform into dedicated professionals with certification & real-world job market focused learnings via experts-led virtual classes, quality course content & e-study tools, personalized student learning dashboard, read-case assignments from industries & a lot more. As an addition, the team even helps with interview preparation and resume building. Upskilling is the best investment & during the pandemic situation, the platform has rolled out special discounts and instalment payment options to help students learn without limitations.


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Similar to Coursera, edX also boasts some excellent courses from popular universities around the world. However, they aren’t self-paced, requiring you to keep track of the timeline of your course. edX incorporates a brilliant translation feature to enable them to serve students from different parts of the globe. You can choose from an extensive range of subjects, such as physics, philosophy, music, medicine, economics, finance, computer sciences, business, and biology, to name a few. Accessing all the learning material and preparing for the exams is also easy because you will be working on a PC and also via the edX app. Edx has proven to be a motivating, modern, professional and inspiring platform for education in numerous areas. You can enroll in this platform for either future career development or personal interest.


Yes, that is not an error. There is more to YouTube than just watching music and prank videos. YouTube is an excellent platform for learning new stuff. On YouTube, you can easily find hundreds of exception educational videos. All you are required to is type the keyword of what you want to learn in the search box, and you will be spoiled with tons of relevant results. Subscribe to some worthwhile educational channels and turn the notifications on to stay tuned on the latest videos. YouTube can help you develop a more deep-rooted understanding of any subject.


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Lynda is probably the most popular and oldest resource on this list. Established in 1995, Lynda.com offers thousands of online courses related to design, technology, business, etc. Also, learners can browse through their online tutorials videos made by industry experts. Other online learning resources, what sets Lynda a notch up, is their hands-on approach to education. This not only makes learning anything more comfortable but also makes it a breeze to implement what you have learned. However, the lack of mobile is one department where Lynda lags behind its competitors. Lynda is generally a paid platform for learners, but it offers some free courses.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an excellent platform for college and university students as it focuses on fostering and building a strong foundation that can help them advance their careers. You can learn humanities, economics, mathematics, science, and computing at your own pace, thanks to its extensive collection of video tutorials. To gain an in-depth knowledge of a topic, watch more videos and attempt quizzes. Backed by Bill Gates and Google, the platform has now become one of the greatest learning platforms that are helping thousands of students.


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Become part of a growing community of more than ten million learners, and interact with some of the best experts in different industries. Choose from an extensive range of disciplines, including science, mathematics, humanities, health, marketing, technology, and business. For individuals interested in exploring a specific topic in detail, the platform offers comprehensive diplomas covering each topic and help you become an expert in that particular domain.


Whether you’re working for a web design agency, working as a web developer, or offering SEO services, Udemy is a great platform to help you take your skills to the next level. Prices and quality of courses vary, which may sometimes land on the top edge of the spectrum. Fortunately, Udemy also offers some free courses. Its comprehensive language support makes it an excellent platform for students hailing from any part of the globe. You may be spoilt with choices since Udemy offers more than 60,000 courses to choose from. Furthermore, you can learn at your own pace, which gives digital learners the freedom they are looking for.


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To learn new things, you don’t have to be a college graduate. Educate yourself during this time when most people are in self-isolation due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The possibility of gaining more knowledge at the comfort of your home is in your hands.