Dynamic Duo, The Weadon Boys, Released New EP

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Mark Obitz and Tim Corcoran finally dropped their latest EP called “Life Is War,” which highlights a sound that is unsurpassed in today’s rock music industry. Together, the two make up The Weadon Boys, which is an eclectic rock duo creating music that lives by motto such as “seek the ecstatic” and “don’t be boring.”

For more than 20 years, each member of this duo has been creating their own music. Obtiz gave Corcoran the final drive he required to start this amazing project. The Weadon Boys have been spending their time in the studio polishing their music and writing lots of songs to be released soon. Thrilling and surely genre-bending, this duo aims to convey into one that tells a story and a sound, which demands to be heard by many.

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The new EP is composed of six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of thirty minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music sector. Playful, fun and down to earth rock music, “Life is War” showcases the Corcoran and Obitz as one of the most intriguing independent rock music duos of the year so far and promises that they have more where that came from.

Based in Southern California, The Weadon Boys dwell in a very vibrant creative, music scene and home to some of the best musicians on the planet. That enables them to collaborate with some very talented people, musicians, directors, and artists, all helping them with the quality they like in their melody and visuals. Obitz and Corcoran also love playing music, so they do it anytime and anywhere.

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The Weadon Boys’ own sound takes elements from their own artistic influences and adds something unique and fresh for a result unlike most of today’s indie fans have heard before. With an emphasis on true love, enthusiasm, and honesty for the American music scene, their “Life is War” album has a little something for each enthusiast of rock and overall music today.

Much of the tangible reality of tune by The Weadon Boys comes from their steadfast faith in themselves as an artist and as persons aiming to make songs that speak their heart earnestly and truthfully.

Aside from the release of their new EP, the duo also released an official video for one of their songs, “City of Angels.” Directed by Jen Rosenstein, the music video presents a lively shot in the streets of Hollywood, without doubt highlighting their genuine love for the city they call home.

Being not too alternative and not too heavy, this awesome country music duo finds an ideal balance between driving guitar rhythms and pop-friendly tunes.

Interested individuals who want to listen to their new EP album can stream “Life is War” on Spotify. Their official music video of “City of Angels” is also available now on YouTube. Click here to watch.