How Do You Dry a Dog With a Thick Coat?

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Maintaining dog hygiene is not an easy task, especially if they are long-haired friends. Just like for dogs, bathing and drying dogs is quite painful for owners, too. It is very important to take care of your dog’s natural fat. Too much bathing can damage the natural balance of fat on your dog’s skin. When you add aggressive drying to it, various problems can arise. The owners know very well how much of a problem it is when a dog with long hair playing in a puddle gets in your way.

Although you have used special shampoos for your long-haired pets, the matter is not over. It takes a lot of care to dry the dog very well and make the hair fluffy. If a long-hair dog stays moist, he can have various skin problems and can get an unpleasant odor.

In the following text, we will try to ease your dilemmas and answer some of the most common questions related to drying long-haired dogs.

Do you simply need to leave the dog to air dry?

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If your dog has short hair or has very sensitive skin, then it is perfectly fine to let him air dry. Of course, even then, it is necessary to dry the dog with a towel in order to remove excess water. If you do have a long-haired dog, this method is not smart at all. This method is especially not suitable for dogs with double hair. You have to keep in mind that wet long-haired dogs are exposed to fungi. Fungi are very persistent and most often form under the armpits or on the paws.

In addition to fungi, there is another problem: if a long-haired dog is wet, he will, trying to dry himself, roll on the house carpet and furniture. Not only will it make a mess around the house, but it can leave an unpleasant fragrant rag, which all dogs have when wet. If your dog lives in the yard, this problem is even bigger because it will roll over on the ground and then bathing becomes meaningless. Just imagine your white dog rolling over and sliding on the freshly cut grass of your yard. They will likely get green stamps which they will not get rid of easily. With all this, your pet’s hair can never be shiny if it is dried at daytime temperatures.

Is a towel enough?

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If your dog has small hair, then the answer is yes: it is enough to rub the dog well. For long-haired dogs, cleaning with a towel after bathing can only be a preparation for blow-drying, nothing else. Make sure that your movements with the towel are even and go along the dog’s hair. If you rub a long-haired dog hard with a towel, you will have an even bigger problem: tangled hair. A much better method is just to lean a towel on so that it absorbs excess water, without any rubbing.

If you use ordinary towels for everyday use, prepare more of them before bathing. You will be surprised at how fast the towels get completely wet. We suggest that you use towels intended exclusively for dogs, which you can find in specialized shops or on sites such as DogStuff

Is my hairdryer safe for drying my dog’s hair?

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A hairdryer will help you dry your dog very quickly, but still, it is not so harmless. In the first place there is noise. Many dogs experience blow-drying as a major trauma just because of the noise. Don’t let your dog get scared, and, if possible, choose the smallest and quietest hair dryer possible. If you are unable to do so, try to gradually get the dog used to the noise of your hairdryer.

Another thing you need to take care of is the warm air. Never use your dryer on the strongest heat because you can burn your furry friend’s skin. The air flow must be as high as possible, but the temperature is moderate. Modern hair dryers have a large number of options, so choose the one that can do the least harm to your pet.

In order not to have problems with very tangled hair after exhausting blow-drying, take care to hold the hair dryer properly. The air coming out of the hairdryer must fall directly on and down the hair. If you let the air in at an angle, there is a chance that the hair will become very entangled.

An additional trick for faster drying: if blow-drying takes too much time, try a quick-drying hair spray. This spray is specified in its composition and has the role of separating water from the hair.

Is it better to brush dry or wet dog hair?

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What every owner of long-haired dogs should include as a regular activity before bathing is brushing. There are special brushes for dogs with long hair, and a compromise should rarely be made when it comes to brushing.

Many owners of long-haired dogs are in a dilemma to brush them when they are dry or immediately after bathing. The answer is quite simple: always brush only dry hair. Brushing your pet before bathing eliminates large dirt and will make bathing much easier. Also, by brushing your dog before bathing, you remove entangled hair and the possibility of getting it even more tangled while wet. Be patient and gentle, and you will make the job easier after bathing.

Your pet’s wet fur is more likely to get entangled. When wet, your dog’s hair is much heavier, there is a greater chance of plucking, even hurting your friend. If while bathing or towel dry a dog , you notice strong knots, you can try to comb them but with full attention. If you think it is necessary or if your dog has very long hair, you can comb it after drying. Here you need to make sure that your dog’s hair is completely dry. If your dog does not have too long hair, this step is not even necessary.

With a little effort, your dog may look like he has been bathed by a professional. You must prepare the dog for bathing, bathe and dry always in the same way. This way the dog will create a routine and every next time he will experience less and less stress. So brushing, bathing, towel drying, then a hairdryer and finally a check whether everything is in the best order. However, the ritual must not end here. After all, treat your dog with a good portion of sweets.

If you are still not sure that you can do all this by yourself, opt for a professional dog groomer.